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Applied Plant and Soil Science Major

The Applied Plant and Soil Sciences Major is no longer accepting new students. Students who started the major prior to 2018 Winter session may complete their degree using the requirements listed below. Students who would like to switch to the Sustainable Agriculture and Environment major requirements should consult their program advisor.

Applied Plant and Soil Sciences integrates diverse topics in soil-water-plant-atmosphere systems with a focus on the science underpinning ecosystem management and crop production. Students have the flexibility to emphasize a major area of interest such as climate change, pollution, food security, crop protection or land reclamation. Students develop basic scientific knowledge plus skills in critical thinking and effective communication.

Degree Requirements

First Year
LFS 100 1
LFS 150, ENGL 112 or WRDS 1501 3
BIOL 112 & 121 6
BIOL 180 2
CHEM 121 (or 111)2 4
CHEM 123 (or 113) 4
MATH 100 or equivalent3 3
Restricted electives4 6
Unrestricted elective 3
Total Credits 32
Second Year
ECON 101 or 102 3
LFS 250 6
LFS 252 (or FRST 231 or BIOL 300) 3
APBI 200 3
BIOL 210 or APBI 210 4
Restricted electives4 9
Unrestricted elective 3
Total Credits 31
Third Year
LFS 350 3
Restricted electives4 21
Unrestricted electives 6
Total Credits 30
Fourth Year
LFS 450 3
Restricted electives4 21
Unrestricted electives 6
Total Credits 30
Overall four-year total5
1 Or equivalent course to fulfill Communication Requirement.
2 CHEM 111 is not for students with Chemistry 12.
3 MATH 102 can also fulfill first year Math requirement. Students who have not completed Calculus 12 must take MATH 180 or 184 to fulfill their first year MATH requirement.
4 To be selected in consultation with a program advisor. Typically includes courses in APBI, BIOL and FNH. Must include at least 9 credits of 400 level courses prior to graduation. For suggested courses see the list posted on the Faculty website. Students interested in studying soils should take PHYS 101, 106, 107, 117 or 131. Students without credit for Physics 12 must take PHYS 100 before taking other 100-level PHYS courses.
5 A minimum of 45 credits of the 123 credits required for the Major must be from courses numbered 300 or higher.

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