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Science Studies

Interdisciplinary Minor in Science Studies

The Interdisciplinary Minor in Science Studies is designed for students in the Faculty of Arts who would like to examine the history, philosophy, sociology, and discourse practices of the scientific disciplines.

The purpose of this program is to promote the study of scientific work and thought from a variety of perspectives usually associated with the humanities and social sciences. Students will explore, for example, issues about the production and representation of scientific knowledge, the creation and maintenance of intellectual authority in the practices of the sciences, as well as relations between nature and culture. A background in science is not required, although curiosity about scientific matters is an asset. In consultation with an advisor, students should select 18 credits from the following courses, keeping in mind that some of them will have prerequisites. Students are advised to see a program advisor for information regarding courses offered in other faculties that will count towards the program. Also given below are a few lower division courses which are recommended but not required. Other courses may be included from year to year.

Recommended lower division courses: CLST/PHIL 211; HIST/PHIL 260; HIST 215, 216; PHIL 125, 220.

ANTH 400, 427, 432, 470; BIOL 442, 446; CLST 306; CPSC 430; ECON 318, 319; ENGL 307; GEOG 345, 440; HIST 360, 400, 442, 455, 456; MATH 446, 447; PHIL 360, 362, 363, 427, 460, 461, 462, 469; PSYC 312; SOCI 350, 400, 473, 484.

In any given year, there may be other courses appropriate for Science Studies. For a list of these, see an advisor.

Information on Program Advisors for the Science Studies Minor can be found here.

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