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Dual Degree Program Option: Bachelor of Arts, UBC and Sciences Po

This unique program option offers qualified students the opportunity to earn, in one course of study, a Bachelor of Arts degree from UBC and a Bachelor of Arts degree from L’Institut d’études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po). Equivalent in number of credits to five to six years of study, this program option is earned in four years, through intensive study and scheduling.

Students in the Dual Degree Program Option complete their first two years of study in France at one of the Sciences Po regional campuses, and their third and fourth years of study at the Point Grey (Vancouver) campus of UBC. At the conclusion of their studies students will earn both a Sciences Po Bachelor of Arts and a UBC Bachelor of Arts.


Individuals interested in pursuing this program option must apply for admission in early December. Please see the Program Option website for specific deadlines. Acceptance into the Program Option will be determined by a Sciences Po-UBC Dual Degree Program Option Admissions Committee. The Committee will evaluate applications broadly on evidence of academic achievement and intellectual readiness, and on applicants’ own representation of their experience, ideas, and aspirations. An interview may be required. The Dual Degree Program Option is not open to students with a previous degree. Fluency in French is not required.

Successful students are simultaneously admitted to the UBC Bachelor of Arts Dual BA program option and the Sciences Po Bachelor of Arts Dual BA program option.

Applicants who are unsuccessful in their admission to the Dual Degree Program Option will automatically be considered for admission to the UBC Bachelor of Arts Degree Program. For consideration to the Sciences Po B.A. Program (and not UBC), please contact Sciences Po directly.

Degree Requirements

In order to receive both degrees, students must fulfill the individual program requirements for each institution’s specific degree program. Each institution manages its own degree requirements. For the UBC B.A., see Degree Requirements.

For the UBC Bachelor of Arts Dual Degree with Sciences Po Program Option, students are required to complete a minimum of 165 UBC credits. These credits consist of two years of coursework completed at Sciences Po, equivalent to 90 UBC credits, and 75 credits of coursework administered by UBC.

With the assistance of Faculty and departmental advising, 60 of the 75 credits administered by UBC should be selected to satisfy specialization and degree requirements. The other 15 credits are earned through seminars and community-based learning experiences unique to the Program. Six of these 15 credits are taught in France in the summer between Year 1 and Year 2, and another six are taught in Vancouver in the summer between Year 2 and Year 3. The final three credits, with instruction based in Vancouver, are completed in the summer between Year 3 and Year 4. Students also have the option of completing an additional three credits of directed studies in their UBC specialization. See the Program website for more information.


Students in the Dual Degree Program Option are registered at both Sciences Po and UBC simultaneously, and must ensure they fulfill the registration and tuition requirements of both institutions throughout their degrees.

Students must also meet each institution’s continuation requirements. However, only those credits administered by the specific institution will apply towards that institution’s continuation policies. For UBC B.A. continuation requirements, see Academic Recognition, Promotion, and Continuation.


Students in the Dual Degree Program Option will not be adjudicated for graduation for one degree before requirements for both are complete. Graduates may attend the convocation ceremonies of each institution, and will receive two parchments:

  1. UBC, Bachelor of Arts; and,
  2. Sciences Po, Bachelor of Arts

For further information about the design of the Dual Degree Program, and to access the application, please see the Program website.

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