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Dual Degree Program Option: Bachelor of Arts and Master of Management

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This Dual Degree program offers qualified students the opportunity to earn, in one course of study, a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Faculty of Arts and a Master of Management degree from the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration (Sauder School of Business). The Dual Degree program can be completed in four and one half years through intensive study and scheduling, and includes extensive professional development and career preparation, provided throughout the program of study by the Business Career Centre in the Sauder School of Business. Additional fees are required for the program. Participation in Co-operative Education and Go Global exchange while completing the Bachelor of Arts degree is permitted. Students in the Dual Degree program will be adjudicated for graduation from the Bachelor of Arts degree prior to completion of the Master of Management degree.


Secondary school students applying for admission to the Bachelor of Arts degree program are also invited to apply for admission to the Dual Degree program. Admission to the Dual Degree program beyond this point is limited, and transfer applicants will only be accepted if space is available in the program. Further information, including admission requirements and application, is available at the UBC Bachelor and Master of Management Dual Degree website.


Students admitted to the Dual Degree program complete all usual requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree. In addition, and as part of the elective credit for their B.A., students complete up to 12 credits of Commerce. See the UBC Bachelor and Master of Management Dual Degree website.

Promotion and Continuation

Student records are reviewed separately by each Faculty, according to their own rules, for promotion and continuation requirements. Those who fail to meet continuation requirements for the Master of Management degree program may be permitted to complete their Bachelor of Arts degree program, provided they meet B.A. continuation requirements. See Academic Recognition, Promotion and Continuation and UBC Undergraduate Program-Master of Management Dual Degree Program Option.

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