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Academic Leave

Continuing Bachelor of Fine Arts students who have been given registration eligibility for a Winter Session in the Faculty of Arts may, instead of registering, choose to take an Academic Leave of up to one academic year. In practice, an Academic Leave allows a student, who successfully completes a Winter Session (“Year A”), to choose not to register in the following Winter Session (“Year B”), while retaining eligibility to register in the subsequent Winter Session (“Year C”). If the student returns to studies in one academic year or less, the leave is ended by course registration. If a leave of longer duration is taken, the student must apply for readmission through Enrolment Services; normal deadlines apply.

Continuing students are not required to seek permission from the Faculty and may choose to go on Academic Leave instead of registering in courses at any point in their degree. However, B.F.A. students, in particular those in cohort-based programs, should be aware that it may not be possible for them to re-enter their program upon their return; students are strongly advised to consult their Departmental Advisor prior to taking a Leave. Students with student loans, external funding or scholarships are also advised to consult Enrolment Services prior to taking a Leave as there may be financial implications. International students are strongly advised to consult with International Student Development if they are considering a gap in studies for any reason.

There is no maximum length for an Academic Leave in the B.F.A. degree program; however, readmitted students who were absent for an extended period may be required to modify their original program of study upon their return as changes in courses and programs occur over time. Students refused re-entry by their cohort-based B.F.A. program, but who wish to continue their studies and earn a degree, may apply for readmission to the Faculty of Arts in the Bachelor of Arts degree program. See Readmission.

Academic Leave is not an opportunity to complete credits towards the UBC Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at another institution. Students who interrupt their UBC studies to take courses elsewhere, and who wish to apply this credit towards their Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, must first appeal for a Letter of Permission.

All students are responsible for their registration. Registering in courses and neglecting or choosing not to complete them is not considered Academic Leave. Students who cease to attend or otherwise fail to complete exams, assignments, or other course requirements, and who have not received approval for a late withdrawal, will receive a grade reflecting requirements completed in the course. See Registration.

The provision for Academic Leave does not apply to students who have not met Continuation Requirements. Newly admitted students should see Deferred Admission.

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