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Certificate in Health & Wellness

You are reading the 2022/23 Academic Calendar. The 2021/22 version remains in effect until 31 August 2022 and is available here

This certificate program is aimed at educators who work with children and young people and contributes to the ongoing professional development of knowledge and skills in the area of Health Education.

Admission/Eligibility to Complete Certificate

Applicants not already enrolled in a degree program at the University of British Columbia may be admitted to the Undergraduate Certificate in Health and Wellness, provided that they meet the minimum standards for admission to undergraduate study at the University of British Columbia, including language proficiency, and the requirements for admission to the diploma program in Health and Wellness.

University of British Columbia undergraduate students already enrolled in the third or fourth year of one of the degree programs listed below as “eligible degree programs” may complete the Undergraduate Certificate in Health and Wellness, but are not required to formally apply for admission to the program. As described below, such students are eligible to apply to receive the certificate upon completion of the certificate requirements. Students should consult with their home Faculty and/or Department prior to completing the certificate requirements to confirm their eligibility for the certificate program and the impact of completing the certificate on their progression towards their degree program.

Students enrolled in UBC degree programs other than those listed below are not eligible to complete the Undergraduate Certificate in Health and Wellness, but may complete the required courses as electives if permitted by their degree program.

Eligible degree programs:

1. B.A.Sc. (Faculty of Applied Science)
2. B.Ed. (Faculty of Education)
3. B.Kin. (Faculty of Education)
4. B.Sc. (Faculty of Science)

Certificate Requirements

The certificate program consists of 15 credits (five 3-credit courses, from the 300 level or higher). All students are required to take three core curriculum and pedagogy courses plus two electives. To find available course sections, visit the UBC Course Calendar and search by course code.

Core Courses:

EDCP 325 (3)
EDCP 326 (3)
EDCP 327 (3)


Two electives are to be taken from any two of the following areas of focus. Courses may be available during evening sessions at UBC campus, or online where available.

Counselling Psychology & Career Planning

CNPS 363 (3)
CNPS 427 (3)
EDCP 497 (3)

Healthy Living

FNH 355 (3)
HKIN 366 (3)
HKIN 381 (3)


FMST 314 (3)
FMST 316 (3)
SOCI 312 (3)
SOCI 369A (3)

First Nations

EDCP 362 (3)

Application to Receive Certificate

Upon completion of all required courses, students must apply to receive their certificate from the Student Service Centre website. However, Certificate students are not part of the UBC graduation ceremonies.

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