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Forest Operations Major

The Forest Operations Major prepares the graduate for a full range of professional responsibilities associated with forest land use. The program includes core courses in forest ecology, stand management, silvicultural systems, forest protection, fisheries, hydrology, wildlife, and integrated resource management that are common to the Forest Resources Management Major.

The major is divided into two main specialization options:

  1. Harvest Planning & Engineering
  2. Commerce (Minor in Commerce)

Harvest Planning and Engineering Specialization (HP&E)

The Harvest Planning and Engineering Specialization offers courses in geotechnical engineering, forest road design and location, planning of forest operations at the stand and landscape levels, engineering and economic analysis of logging systems, and forest transportation systems. Graduates of this specialization have the unique skills that are needed to analyze, plan, and implement a wide range of silviculture, logging, and transportation systems which are key elements in forest management. Some graduates of this specialization choose to take additional courses in mathematics and applied science to obtain eligibility for registration as a professional engineer (P.Eng.) in addition to registration as a professional forester (R.P.F.). Physics 12 would be helpful for students considering this specialization.

Students Entering From Secondary School (HP&E)

First Year
APBI 200 3
ENGL 100-level1 or FRST 150 3
BIOL 111, 1212 6
ECON 101 or FRST 101 3
MATH 1003 3
FRST 100 3
FRST 231 3
FRST 232 3
Electives4 6
Total Credits 33
Second Year
FRST 200 3
FRST 201 3
FRST 210 3
FRST 211 3
FRST 239 3
FOPR 264 4
FOPR 388 3
CONS 200 (or 370) 3
Electives 6
Total Credits 31
Plus FRST 3505,6 or FRST 3515,6 immediately preceding third year
Third Year
FRST 305 3
FRST 307 3
FRST 318 3
FRST 320 3
FRST 339 3
FRST 350 or 351 2
FRST 395 3
FRST 452 2
FOPR 362 3
CIVL 210 4
WOOD 276 3
Restricted elective8 3
Total Credits 35
Plus FRST 452 immediately following third year 2
Fourth Year
FRST 415 3
FRST 422 3
FRST 423 6
FRST 497 3
WOOD 365 3
WOOD 492 3
FOPR 464 4
CONS 3407 3
Restricted elective8 3
Total Credits 31
Minimum Credits for Degree 130
1 ENGL 112 recommended.
2 tudents with Biology 12 are exempt from BIOL 111. Substitute PHYS 100 if needed (exempt with PHYS 12) or CHEM 111 (exempt with CHEM 12). If none of these courses are needed, an elective may be substituted.
3 Students may take MATH 180 (4 credits) or MATH 110 (6 credits) instead of MATH 100 (3 credits), but the credit difference cannot be applied towards program elective requirements. Students planning to obtain a P.Eng. after graduating require MATH 100, 101 & PHYS 170.
4 Students planning to obtain a P.Eng. after graduating require MATH 100, 101 & PHYS 170. Students without PHYS 12 should use 3 credits of electives to take PHYS 100.
5 Credit will be given for only one of FRST 350 or FRST 351.
6 Students will be assigned to the most appropriate course based on their levels of forestry and field experience as determined by the course instructors.
7 CONS 340 may be replaced with another approved GIS or remote sensing course.
8 Restricted electives are at the discretion of your Program Director. See your Program Director for a current list of accepted courses.
Note: Some elective or specialization courses may carry credits in addition to the above table.

Transfer Students

Students entering from first-year university or equivalent must complete all required first and second year courses that were not completed at their previous institution(s) before entering third year. The third and fourth year requirements are the same as listed above.

Canadian Forestry Technology Graduates

Students entering after graduating with a two-year Forestry Technical Diploma from an approved Canadian college or institute of technology should consult with Forestry Student Services to determine what their “revised program” might look like.

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