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The Bachelor of Science in Forest Sciences (B.Sc. (Forest Sciences)) is an academically challenging program for students interested in the biology and dynamics of forest ecosystems. The objective of the program is to develop professionals who understand the dynamics of, and conduct research in, forested ecosystems. The program provides a strong foundation for careers involving the biological and environmental aspects of forestry, forest conservation, research, and teaching.

The program consists of a minimum of 128 credits of coursework.

The first two years of the program have a strong core of foundation courses to ensure scientific breadth. No later than the start of third year, students must select an area of concentration, such as forest ecology, forest entomology or pathology, forest fire science, forest genetics or biotechnology, forest hydrology and aquatic sciences, forest soils, tree physiology, silviculture, conservation biology, or wildlife ecology. Each area of concentration consists of 12 credits of coursework. It is expected that the 6 credit thesis be in the area of concentration. Students must also select 18 credits from a pool of Forestry Electives. Specific academic packages to suit the interests and needs of individual students can be designed. All Forest Science Majors must have their program of study approved by the Forest Sciences Program Director.

The recommended program of studies is given below. Part-time students or students with advanced credit should consult the Forest Sciences Program Director before registering in an amended program

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