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Forest Sciences (Specialization in International Forestry)

The Forest Sciences (Specialization in International Forestry) program combines the biology and dynamics of forest ecosystems with developing a global perspective of forest issues increasingly required for careers in Forestry both in Canada and abroad. The objective of this program is to produce graduates who have a good science foundation, a second language, cultural sensitivity, and both academic and first hand knowledge of forestry abroad.

The emphasis of the Forest Science component is to provide education in the basic biological and environmental sciences, particularly with regard to the components and functioning of ecosystems. In addition, to fulfil the International Forestry Major, students must select a regional specialization. Students choose from either Asia Pacific, Europe, the Americas, or other regional specialization with the approval of a program advisor.

The first two years of the program have a strong core of basic sciences to ensure scientific breadth. After the completion of their first year, students would select International Forestry as their area of concentration. Within the regional specialization, the program requires 12 credits of relevant language other than English, a pre-approved study abroad exchange for a minimum of one term, or work experience for a minimum of 13 weeks and relevant course work in the economic, cultural, and political environment of the region selected.

Enrolment in the Forest Sciences (Specialization in International Forestry) program is restricted. To be considered for admission, students are required to have a minimum academic standing of 70%. Students can apply to the program after completing 21 credits from the first-year courses (or their equivalent). The program consists of a minimum of 133 credits of in-session and seven credits of extra-sessional course work. Students receive a B.Sc. Forest Sciences upon completion of the requirements. Application forms are available after January 15 from the Faculty's International Programs Advisor. Completed application forms and transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended must be received by the International Programs office by May 15. Applicants will be notified by June 30 whether they have been accepted into the program.

Forest Sciences/International Forestry

First Year
ENGL 100-level 6
BIOL 111, 121 and 1401 8
CHEM 121 (111) and 123 8
MATH 100 and 101 or MATH 102 and 1032 6
CONS 101 or FRST 100 1 (3)
FRST 231 3
APBI 200 3
Total Credits 35 (37)
Second Year
Language3 6
FRST 200 3
FRST 201 3
FRST 210 3
FRST 211 3
BIOL 200 and BIOL 201 6
CHEM 233 and 235 6
Region-Specific Electives4,5 3
Total Credits 33
Third Year
FRST 302 3
FRST 305 3
FRST 307 3
FRST 320 3
FRST 385 3
FRST 386 3
FRST 395 3
FRST 430 3
Language3 6
Region-specific electives5, 6 3
Total Credits 33
Plus FRST 351 immediately preceding third year 2
Fourth Year
FRST 311 4
FRST 399 4
FRST 439 3
FRST 495 3
FRST 498 6
APBI 403 3
Region-specific electives4,5 3
Region-specific Area of Concentration4,6 9
International experience7
Total Credits 35
1 Students with Biology 12 should replace BIOL 111 with BIOL 112.
2 Students may take MATH 180, 184 (4 credits) or MATH 110 (6 credits) instead of MATH 100 or 102 (3 credits), but the credit difference cannot be applied towards program elective requirements.
3 Students who pass an oral proficiency test for a language relevant to their regional specialization are exempt, and must choose 12 credits of program electives approved by a program advisor.
4 Students may choose Asia-Pacific, Americas, or Europe as their region of specialization. Other regions can be considered with the approval of an advisor.
5 Electives must be approved by a program advisor.
6 3 credits in each of anthropology or sociology; economics or commerce or law; geography or history or political science.
7 Met by participation in one of the following: UBC's Education Abroad Program or Study abroad or work internship abroad designed by the student with pre-approval by a program adviser. The Faculty of Forestry cannot guarantee the placement of any student in a study abroad exchange program or an international work internship program. Selection is competitive and based on academic standing, merit and availability.

Courses Toward Registration as a Professional Forester or a Professional Biologist in British Columbia

Students who wish to work toward membership in the Association of BC Forest Professionals (ABCFP) are advised to contact the ABCFP or the Director of Student Services in the Faculty of Forestry for information on appropriate courses to add to their program.

Students who wish to work toward registration as a Registered Professional Biologist during their program should contact the College of Applied Biology for course and other membership requirements.

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