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European Studies

Degree Offered: M.A.



C. Friedrichs, K. Hübner, B. McIlroy, P. Petro, P. Resnick.

Associate Professors

L. Biukovic, J. Dierkes, C. Friedrichs, S. Godfrey, M. Kuus, G. Pailer, Y. Tiberghien.

Assistant Professors

A. Ellermann, G. Feldman, M. Hallensleben, A. Jacobs, A. O'Mahoney.

Note: The Program is not currently accepting applications for admission.

Program Overview

The Institute for European Studies offers a Master of Arts program in European Studies. The M.A. program in European Studies is a two-year, full-time, interdisciplinary course of study that addresses the need for students to meet and understand the complex and changing realities of European politics, economics, and culture in the twenty-first century. With the enlargement of the European Community, Europe represents a major political and cultural force as well as a major trading partner for Canadians. Students trained in the M.A. program will be well-equipped to go on to academic research interests centring on Europe or professional career opportunities with a European focus.

Master of Arts

Admission Requirements

Students admitted to the M.A. degree program normally possess a B.A. degree in a related area, and must meet the general admission requirements for master's degree programs set by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. Applicants who have not taken a history course on Europe in the twentieth-century as a prerequisite must take it as a co-requisite once admitted into the program.

Program Requirements

  • The M.A. in European Studies is awarded on the completion of 30 credits of coursework or 21 credits of coursework plus a 9-credit thesis.
  • Students who have not taken a history course on Europe in the twentieth-century as a prerequisite must take it as a co-requisite while in the program.
  • Students' programs must include five core courses.
  • First-year students in the M.A. program will be expected to take a non-credit pro-seminar in European Studies. The seminar is designed to ensure a sense of community among European Studies students by bringing them together as a group on a regular basis.
  • Elective courses will be selected in consultation with the program's graduate advisor to support the interdisciplinary nature of the program. Electives should constitute a coherent field of study and should include at least one humanities course.

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