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Experimental Medicine

Degrees Offered: Ph.D., M.Sc.



S. Aparicio, M. Ashe, Y. Av-Gay, P. Black, M. Brauer, S. Bryan, B. Carleton, C. Carlsten, N. Cashman, A. Cherkasov, J. Christenson, E. Conway, H. Cote, D. Doudet, V. Duronio, J. Dutz, C. Eaves, J. Eng, J. Esdaile, M. Fitzgerald, J.A. Fleetham, G. Francis, A. Ghahary, J. Gonzalez-Montaner, C. Gregory-Evans, K. Gregory-Evans, T-L. Hackett, P. R. Harrigan, P. Janssen, X. Jiang, A. Karsan, P. Keown, N. Kissoon, M. Kobor, A. Krahn, A. Krassioukov, R.M. Krausz, G. Krystal, D. Lacaille, S. Lam, A. Levin, M. Levings, L. Li, V. Ling, T. Liu-Ambrose, H. Lui, C. Lyons, K. Madden, L. Masse, D. Matsell, J. Matsubara, H. McKay, K. McNagny, K. Miran-Khan, D. Moore, O. Moritz, K. Milpuri, S. Pelech, S. Rabkin, C. Rankin, N. Reiner, J. Road, W. Robinson, F. Rossi, S. Sanatani, A. Sandford, A. Scott, C. Seow, C. Shaw, D. Sin, E. Skarsgard, L. Sly, T. Snutch, P. Sorensen, T. Steiner, S. Stockler-Ipsiroglu, A. J. Stoessi, L. Stothers, S. Tebbutt, A. Traboulsee, H. Tremlett, T. Tsang, S. Turvey, M. Underhill, B. Vallance, S. van Eeden, K. Walley, Y. T. Wang, D. Warburton, S. Wiseman, H. Zeng, Y. Zhou, A. Zoubeidi.

Professors Emeriti

R. Brunham, J. Hogg, R. K. Humphries, C. J. Lim, C. Pallen, P. Pare, A. J. Roskams, U. Steinbrecher, J. Taunton, G. Warnock, H. Ziltener.

Associate Professors

K. Afshar, J.A. Avina Zubieta, N. Ayas, S. Barbic, A. Beristain, T. Blydt-Hansen, J. Boyd, J. Brubacher, L. Brunham, M Brussoni, B. Chew, J. Cibere, M. Cox, S. Cresswell, D. Daley, M. De Vera, A. Devlin, Q. Doan, X. Dong, D. Dorscheid, C. Du, R. Elango, M. Etminan, T. Field, N. Ford, C. Garnis, M. Hameed, K. Harris, B. Hoffman, S. Kalia, L. Kastrukoff, C.N. Kitson, S. Kolind, D. Lange, R. Lester, C. J. Lim, D. Luciani, C. Maxwell, A. Mui, C. Ong, S. Plotkin, M. Price, B. Quon, M. Ramer, G. S. Reid, C.J. Ryerson, M. Sadarangani, B. Salh, B. Sawatzky, J. Sims Gould, A. So, T.S. Tang, A. Towle, C. West.

Associate Professors Emeriti

M. Coulter-Mackie, W. Jia.

Assistant Professors

M. De Vera, K. Deering, N. Fairbairn, M. J. Ju, B. Grunau, J. Kopp, C. Loucks, S. Nolan, S. Purcell, M. Sadarangani, B. Shadgan, F. Vila-Rodriguez, S. Yeung.

Program Overview

The Experimental Medicine Program is intended for individuals seeking a career in medical research. It furnishes the opportunity for students to work toward both the M.Sc. and Ph.D. in the following specialties: cardiology, cancer biology, dermatology, gastroenterology, hematology/oncology, infectious diseases, molecular medicine, nephrology, neurology, and respiratory medicine. All these fields can involve patients and/or experimental animal models.

The Experimental Medicine Program accepts students with career goals compatible with the training the program provides. The requirements of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies must also be met. A suitable research supervisor must agree to accept a potential student prior to an offer of admission to the program.

Please note that a TOEFL score of 590 or greater is required for international students applying to this program. For the TOEFL Internet-based Test (iBT), the required score will be greater or equal to 96, with no component (Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking) scored less than 22. The test must have been taken within the last two years.

Students should contact the Experimental Medicine Program Office for further information.

Doctor of Philosophy

Admission Requirements

Students admitted to the Ph.D. degree program normally possess an M.Sc. degree in life sciences, biology, zoology, biochemistry, or a related area, with clear evidence of research ability or potential. Transfer from the M.Sc. to the Ph.D. program is permitted under regulations set by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Program Requirements

In most cases, students entering the program with a master's degree in a relevant field, or transferring from another program, are exempt from any coursework requirement. If appropriate, some coursework may be recommended by the student’s supervisor, in consultation with the student's supervisory committee.

All doctoral students are required to complete a comprehensive examination successfully by the end of the second year. The major requirement for the Ph.D. is completion of a research dissertation meeting the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies requirements.

Master of Science

Admission Requirements

Students admitted to the M.Sc. degree program normally possess a B.Sc. in life sciences, biology, zoology, or biochemistry, or have an M.D., D.M.D. or D.V.M. in a related area, and must meet the general admission requirements for master's degree programs set by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Program Requirements

A total of 30 credits are required for completion of the M.Sc. degree. The M.Sc. thesis will account for 18 credits. The remaining 12 credits of coursework must include MEDI 502, and either MEDI 501 or MEDI 503, and 6 credits of additional courses. At least 3 credits of these additional courses must be taken at the 500-level. Students are permitted to take a maximum of 3 credits at the undergraduate-level in courses numbered 300 to 499. A statistics course (e.g., BIOL 300) is recommended for all students whose previous background in this area is not adequate.

Contact Information

Experimental Medicine Program
Room 10117 - 2775 Laurel Street (Diamond Health Care Centre)
Vancouver, BC, Canada V5Z 1M9
Tel: 604.875.4111, ext. 63140
Fax: 604.875.4886
Kelly Xu, Senior Program Assistant

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