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Admission Requirements

Applications for the program must be made online. Procedures, policies, and admission requirements to UBC are specified in Admissions.

Applicants for admission must meet the requirements of either Set A or B (not both).

Set A, Medical Laboratory Technologist Route

Applicants must have the following1:

  1. completion of the Medical Laboratory Technologist (general) diploma of the Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) or an equivalent diploma, plus
  2. completion of CHEM 233 and 235 (or 203 and either 204 or the combined CHEM 213 and CHEM 245) (Organic Chemistry); plus
  3. CHEM 205 (or 201).
  4. CHEM 211 is not required but is strongly recommended for program admission.

1CHEM 211 is not required but is strongly recommended for program admission

Set B, Science Route

Science undergraduates and graduates must complete the following UBC courses (or their equivalents) prior to entry to the B.M.L.Sc. program:

    First Year
    CHEM 121 and 123 or 111 and 1132
    BIOL 112, 121 and 1402
    English: 6 credits first-year level
    Mathematics: 6 credits first-year level2
    Physics: 6 credits first-year level2
    Plus the following second-year level courses:1
    BIOL 200
    BIOL 201
    CHEM 205 or 201
    CHEM 233 and 235 (or 203 and either 204 or both CHEM 213 and CHEM 245)
    MICB 202
    Arts Elective: 6 credits, any year level
    1 CHEM 211 is not required but is strongly recommended for program admission.
    2 The chemistry, biology, mathematics, and physics requirements may be fulfilled with SCIE 001.

    Students applying for admission directly from secondary schools are not eligible for admission to the B.M.L.Sc. program. Secondary school students should first apply through the Faculty of Science, completing the requirements in Set B, then apply to the B.M.L.Sc. program during their second year of studies.

    International applicants

    Qualified Canadian citizens and permanent residents are given priority in the selection process. The BMLSc Program has a limited enrolment, and the number of qualified applicants is expected to exceed the number of seats available in the program. While applications from qualified international students are accepted, they will be considered for admission only if seats are available. International applicants must meet the language requirements specified under English Language Admission Standard and the general admission requirements as specified under Admissions in addition to the requirements for the B.M.L.Sc. Program.

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