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General Academic Regulations

Students accepted into the B.M.L.Sc. program are expected to follow a strict program of study. Changes to the required program must be requested in writing to the Director any time prior to the commencement of classes or up to two weeks after the commencement of classes. Students who change their program of study without the written permission of the Director shall suffer the consequences of rescheduling, timetable changes, and cancelled courses which in subsequent years may result in lengthening the time to complete the program.

After two weeks of lectures, students are not permitted to change the program for which they are registered except in special circumstances and with the permission of the Director.

After the close of registration, all changes in course registration must be made by students at the B.M.L.Sc. Office. Program changes must be approved by the Director. These changes are processed by the B.M.L.Sc. Office. Students may not take courses for which they have not registered, and may be considered as having failed in all courses dropped without permission.


Formal examinations are held in December or in April. Some courses also hold midterm examinations in October and/or February.

Except in cases of medical, emotional, or other reasons deemed acceptable by the Director, missed exams will result in a grade of zero. If you are unable to write an exam due to illness, you must inform the Program Assistant before the exam. A doctor's letter must be received by the Director within 48 hours of the missed examination. If you are unable to write an exam for a reason other than illness, contact the Program Coordinator on the day of the exam and provide a written explanation to the Director within 48 hours.

Missed exams will be made up at the discretion of the Director and Course Coordinators. Missed final exams may have to be written during the supplemental examination period.

Regular attendance is expected of students in all their classes, including lectures, laboratories, tutorials, and seminars. Students who neglect their academic work and assignments may, on the recommendation of the Head of the department, be excluded by the Dean from the final examinations.

No failed course may be repeated more than once without special permission of the Dean. This does not apply to courses in first-year English, which may be repeated twice.

Supplemental Examinations

Supplemental examinations are not a right but a privilege granted by the Director after consideration of a student's complete academic standing. A student who has written final examinations but failed a course or courses may be granted permission to write supplementals in courses for which supplemental examinations are provided. Supplemental exams are given in late July or early August. To be eligible to write a supplemental exam, the student must have:

  1. Passed the laboratory work, written the final examination and obtained at least 40% standing in the course in which the supplemental is granted;
  2. In all but the final (graduating) year a candidate who has been granted a supplemental may write it only once. A student who fails a supplemental examination must repeat the course. However, in the graduating year a supplemental examination may be written twice with permission of the Director.

Limitation of Enrolment

Enrolment in the B.M.L.Sc. program is limited to a maximum of 24 new students each academic year.

Transfer Credit

Students may not receive transfer credit for courses completed at other institutions where those courses were used to obtain a degree. All courses submitted for transfer credit are subject to the approval of Enrolment Services.

Student Academic Performance

The minimum passing grade in each program course is 50%.

In courses with a laboratory component, students must successfully complete and pass all laboratory requirements in order to pass the course.

Fail standing in a session will be assigned unless a student meets the following conditions:

  • passes in all credits attempted;
  • if taking more than 12 credits, passes in at least three-fifths of them and obtains an overall average of at least 60% in three-fifths of the credits taken;
  • if taking 12 or fewer credits, passes in at least one-half of them.

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