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The postgraduate program in Radiology is a five-year program fully approved for certification and fellowship in the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. The second year provides core training in physics, chest radiology, abdominal imaging, musculoskeletal radiology, neuroradiology, and trauma radiology. The key modalities include radiography, computed tomography, and ultrasound. There are also introductions to magnetic resonance imaging, and nuclear medicine. Breast imaging is studied for one month each year. During the third year, the resident consolidates skills in film interpretation and basic procedures by functioning as a general radiologist under appropriate supervision. Pediatric radiology begins with two months in the third year, with two additional months over the remaining two years. Residents begin to acquire skills in interventional radiology in second year, and angiography rotations begin in the third. Obstetric ultrasound rotations occur in the fourth and fifth years. Provided that the Royal College requirements are satisfied, these last two years also provide opportunities to pursue special interests in any of the sub-specialty areas, or to develop a research project. Residents provide on-call service to perform and interpret emergency imaging studies. There are also multiple opportunities to develop teaching skills.

The academic program consists of daily sub-specialty rounds, and weekly Grand Rounds, and academic half-day sessions. The latter includes a two-year rotating series of core seminars, and a series of three or four lectures by internationally recognized visiting professors. Residents are expected to pursue at least one research project, conduct one clinical audit, and present a Grand Round. Residents attend the annual international Vancouver Imaging Review conference. Additional training in non-Medical Expert competencies, including ethics, biostatistics, study design and quality assurance is also offered. All residents attend the four-week American Institute for Radiologic Pathology course in Silver Spring, Maryland, at the department's expense.

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