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Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy

You are reading the 2022/23 Academic Calendar. The 2021/22 version remains in effect until 31 August 2022 and is available here


C. Backman, B.S.R. (Br.Col.), M.S. (Wash.), Ph.D. (Br.Col.)
S. J. Forwell, B.Sc.(O.T.) (W.Ont.), M.A., Ph.D. (S.Calif.)
L. Holsti, B.S.R., M.A., Ph.D. (Br.Col.)
T. Jarus, B.O.T. (Hebrew), M.A., Ph.D. (N.Y.)
W. H. Miller, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.), M.Sc.(O.T.), Ph.D. (W.Ont.)

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Professor Emeritus

I. Dyck, Dip.O.T. (Engl.), B.A., M.A. (Manc.), Ph.D. (S.Fraser)

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Associate Professors

W. Mortenson, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Alta.), M.Sc. (Br.Col.)
L. Nimmon, B.A. (Vancouver Island University), M.A. (UVic.), Ph.D. (Br.Col.)
J. Zwicker, B.Sc.(O.T.), B.A. (Qu.), M.A. (U.Vic.(B.C.)), Ph.D. (Br.Col.)

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Associate Professor Emeritus

L. Jongbloed, Dip.O.T. (S.A.), B.Sc.(O.T.) (W.Ont.), M.A., Ph.D. (Br.Col.)
S. J. Stanton, Dip.O.T. (N.Z.), B.S.R.(O.T.), M.A. (Br.Col.)
M. Suto, B.S.(O.T.) (Calif., S.Jose), M.A. (S.Calif.), Ph.D. (Br.Col.)

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Assistant Professors

S. Barbic, B.Sc. (Queen’s), B.Sc.(O.T.) (Queen’s), M.Sc. (Queen’s), Ph.D. (McG.)
S. Huot, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (Western Ontario)
B. Sakakibara, B.Sc. (Br.Col.), Ph.D. (Br.Col.)
J. Schmidt, B.Sc.(O.T.), (Alta.), Ph.D. (Queensland)

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Professor of Teaching

M. Lee, Dip.O.T. (H.K.), M.B.A. (Wash.)

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Associate Professor of Teaching

D. Drynan, B.Sc.(O.T.), M.Ed. (Tor.)

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Assistant Professor of Teaching

K. L. Bunting, B.Sc. (Br.Col.), M.Sc.(Tor.)
J. MacDonald, B.A. (St. Francis Xavier), B.Sc.Kin. (New Brunswick), M.Sc. (O.T.) (McM.)
E. Park, B.Sc. (Br.Col.), M.Sc. (O.T.) (Alta.), Ph.D. (Alta.)
E. Williams, Bachelor of Physical Education (Alta.), B.Sc. (Alta.), M.A. (UNBC), PhD (Alta.)

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Clinical Professors

P. Erlendson, B.Sc.(O.T.) (McG.)

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Clinical Professor Emeritus

C. Carpenter, Dip.P.T. (Liv.), M.Ed., Ph.D. (Br.Col.)
G. Fearing, B.S.(O.T.) (Kansas)

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Clinical Associate Professors

H. Boyes, B.Sc. (O.T.) (Br.Col.), MALT (R.Roads)
K. Carwana, B.S.R. (Br.Col.)
R. Casey, Dip.OT (Trin.Coll.(Tor.)), (M.A. (R.Roads), Ph.D. (Br.Col.)
J. Chisholm, B.S.R., M.Sc.(Rehab.) (Br.Col.)
M. Clark, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Tor.),M.Ed. (Athabasca)
J. Duivestein, B.S.R. (Br.Col.)
D. Field, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Tor.), M.H.Sc.(O.T.) (Indianapolis)
T. Green, B.Sc.(O.T) (Br.Col.)
D. Kendrick, B.A. (Psych.) (S.Fraser), P.B.D. (Geron.) (S.Fraser), M.O.T. (O.T.) (Br.Col.)
M. T. Kyi, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.)
P. Mortenson, B.Sc.(O.T.), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Rehab.) (Br.Col.)
A. Neale, Dip.O.T.
B. Robinson, Dip.O.T., B.Sc.(O.T.) (Alta.)
T. A. White, B.S.O.T. (Wayne)

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Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus

S. Bressler, B.O.T. (McG.), M.A. (R.R.M.C.)
M. J. Clark, B.Sc.(O.T.) (W.Ont.)
P. Corbett, B.S.R. (Br.Col.)
J. Gauthier, B.Sc., B.S.R. (Br.Col.)
J. Rihela, B.S.R. (Br.Col.)
L. Roxborough, B.S.R. (Br.Col.)

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Clinical Assistant Professors

T. Adams, B.H.Kin. (Br.Col.), M.Sc. (O.T.) (Alta.)
D. Arsenault, B.S.R. (Br.Col.)
S. Barlow, B.Sc. (O.T) (Br.Col.), (B.P.E) (McM.)
S. Berg, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Alta.), M.Sc. (Br.Col.)
B. Berry, B.Sc. (Alta.), M.Sc. (Alta.)
B. Boniface, B.Sc. (O.T.), B.Sc. (Br.Col.)
J. Boniface, B.P.E., B.H.Sc.(O.T.) (McM.)
M. Bozzer, B.S.R. (Br.Col.)
M. G. Brown, B.A. (SFU), MOT (Br.Col.)
L. Bulk, Bachelor of Social Work (UVic.), MOT (Br.Col.), Ph.D. (Br.Col.)
H. Burrett, B.Sc.(O.T.), M.R.S.C. (Rehab) (Br.Col.)
I. M. Chappell, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Qu.)
S. Charchun, B.Sc., B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.)
J. Cobb, B.Sc (O.T.) (Br.Col.)
A. Davis, B.G.S. (Athabasca), B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.)
L. Del Fabro Smith, Dip. (St.Lawr.Coll.), B.Sc.(O.T.), M.Sc.(Rehab.) (Br.Col.)
J. Dueck, B.A., M.Sc. (O.T.) (McM.)
L. Duran, B.A. (Lib.Arts) (Colorado), M.S. (O.T.) (Col.State)
K. Durlacher, B.P.E.(Ex.Sci.), B.Sc.(O.T.), G.C.R.(Rehab.) (Br.Col.)
K. Elissat, B.H.Kin. (Br.Col.), M.Sc.(O.T.) (W.Ont.)
S. Epp, B.H.Kin. (Ex.Sci.) (Br.Col.), M.S.I.Sc. (O.T.) (W.Ont.)
J. Fischer, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Qu.)
J. Fong, BCR (Calg.), MOT (Br.Col.)
N. Forseth, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.)
C. Fraser, B.A., B.Sc.(O.T.), (Br.Col.)
S. Garret, B.S.R. (Br.Col.)
A. Gerlach, Dip.O.T. (St Loyes), M.Sc.(O.T.) (Calif., S.Jose)
S. Gmitroski, B.Sc.(O.T.) (McG.)
S. Hale, B.Sc.(Rehab.) (Alta.)
H. Hergeshiemer, B.Sc. (O.T.) (Br.Col.)
W. Jelley, D.E.C. (Dawson), B.Sc.(P.T) (McG.), M.Ed. (Ott.)
M. Konkin, B.M.R.(O.T.) (Manit.)
L. Kristalovich, B.Sc. (Manit.)
C. Lefaivre, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Alta.)
S. Leznoff, B.Sc.(O.T.) (W.Ont.), B.Ed. (Ott.), M.A. (Ed.) (Br.Col.)
R. Livingstone, Dip.O.T. (Q.M.Edin.), M.Sc. (McM.)
S. Magnuson, B.M.R.(O.T.) (Manit.), M.R.Sc. (Br.Col.)
M. McCuaig, B.S.R. (Br.Col.), M.A. (S.Calif.)
T. McElroy, B.Sc.(O.T.), Ph.D. (Br.Col.)
A. McLean, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.)
M. Metzger, B.A. (S.Fraser), B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.)
I. Montgomery, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Alta.)
M. Nalewajek, B.A. (McG.), MOT (Br.Col.) G. Ng, Dip.O.T. (HKPU)
B. Porter, B.S.R. (Br.Col.)
P. Rushton, MClSc(OT) (W.Ont.), Ph.D. (Br.Col.)
J. Selman, B.Sc. (Vic.(BC)), B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.)
C. Sheffield, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Qu.)
S. Sinanan, B.A., B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.)
L. A. Smith, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Qu.)
S. Smith, Ph.D., M.A. (Christian Stdy.), B.Sc.(O.T.)
A. St.Pierre, Dip.(Comp.Sys.) (Br.Col.IT), B.Sc.(O.T.), M.R.Sc. (Br.Col.)
L. J. Stan, B.S.R., M.Ed. (Br.Col.), Ed.D. (Brig.Young)
C. Stock, M.Sc. (McM.), B.Kin. (Br.Col.)
P. Straathof, B.S.R. (Br.Col.)
D. Toal-Sullivan, B.Sc.(O.T.) (W.Ont.), M.A. (Ott.)
P. Van Kuyk, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.)
C. von Zweck, B.Sc. (O.T.) (Tor.), M.Sc. (Queen’s), Ph.D. (Queen’s)
K. Waldorf, M.O.T. (Br.Col.)
J. Yiu, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Alta.), M.Sc.(Rehab.) (Br.Col.)

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Clinical Instructors

J. Abdel-Barr, Bachelor of Physical Education (Br.Col.), B.O.T (Alta.)
J. Abdulrahman
N. Adab, B.Sc.(P.T.), M.O.T. (Br.Col.)
J. Adderley, B.A. (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
M. Agon, B.Sc., M.O.T. (Br.Col.)
L. Alguire, B.Sc. Vic.(B.C.), B.Sc. (Br.Col.)
L. Allyn, B.A. (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
J. Amell, M.Sc.(O.T.) (Dal.), B.Sc.(Kin.) (St. FX)
E. Ancheim, BSOT (Texas Women’s University)
S. Arsenault, B.Sc., B.Sc.(O.T.) (McG.)
S. Atwal, B.Sc. (OT)
M. Austin, M.Sc. (O.T.) (McM.)
S. Baker, B.Kin (Fraser Valley), MOT (Br.Col.)
K. Barclay, B.Sc.(O.T.), M.R.Sc.(C.) (Br.Col.)
A. Barrie, M.R.Sc. (Br.Col.)
S. Bates, B.Sc. (Waterloo), M.Sc. (OT) (Tor.)
L. Belagamage, B.A. (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
K. Belle, B.Sc. (OT) (Western Ontario)
A. Berg, B.Sc. (Alta.)
S. Berinstein, B.H.Kin. (Br.Col.), M.Sc.(W.Ont.)
D. Betz, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.)
S. Bhanji, B.A. (Honours) (Western), M.Sc. (London School of Economics & Political Science) , MSc. (OT) (Western)
C. Bialik, B.Sc. (Waterloo), M.Sc. (O.T.) (Western)
C. Billups, B.A. (UVic.), MOT (Br.Col.)
E. Bocknek, B.Sc. (Kin.) (Br.Col.), M.Sc. (OT) (Queen’s)
J. Boily, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.)
S. Bossley, M.O.T. (Br.Col.)
A. Braunizer, B.Sc. (UVic.), M.Sc. (OT) Dalhousie
E. Brennan, B. Health Science (Honours) (Ott.), M.Sc. (OT) (Queen’s)
J. Brower, B.Sc. (UVic.), MOT (Br.Col.)
B. Brown, B.A. (SFU), MOT (Br.Col.)
D. Brumwell, B.Sc. (OT) (Alta.)
C. Bryden, Bachelor of Business (Newcastle), MOT ((Br.Col.)
L. Buckell , B.H.Kin. (Calg.), M.Sc. (Alta.)
M. Budac, B.A. (Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu), MOT (Br.Col.)
T. Budlovsky, B.A. (McG.), MOT (Br.Col.)
J. Bull, B.H.Kin. (Br.Col.), M.Sc. (OT) McM.)
L. Bunn, B.A. (SFU), M.Sc. (OT) (Alta.)
J. Burrows, B.Sc. (Alta.), M.Sc. (OT) (Alta.)
N. Butzelaar, B.Sc. (OT) (Br.Col.)
T. Cain, B.A. (McM.), B.Sc. (OT) (Br.Col.)
P. Capern, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Qu.)
N. Cardinal, Bachelor of Physical Education (Alta.), M.Sc. (OT) (Alta.)
C. Carncross, B.H.K.(Tor.), MOT (Br.Col.)
D. Cavalcante, B.Sc. (SFU), B.Sc. (OT) (Alta.), M.R.Sc. (Br.Col.)
C. Cawker, M.Sc. (OT) (Dalhousie)
M. Chan, B.Sc. ((Waterloo), M.Sc. (OT (Tor.))
S. Chapdelaine, B.B.A. (S. Fraser), MOT (Br.Col.)
K. Cherrington, B.Sc. (McG.), M.Sc. (OT) McM.)
I. Cheung, B.Sc. (Br.Col.), B.Sc. (O.T.) (Qu.)
K. Chow, B.Sc. (Kin.) (SFU), M.Sc. (OT) (Tor.)
S. Chow, B.Kin. (Honours) (S. Fraser), MOT (University of British Columbia)
J. Chung, Cert. Health and Fit. (S.Fraser), B.Sc. (Kin.) (S.Fraser)
Z. Ciric, B.Sc. (S.Fraser); M.Sc.(McG.)
A. Coleman, Bachelors of Exercise Science (Lethbridge), MOT (Br.Col.)
R. Corcoran, B.H.K. (Br.Col.), M.Sc. (OT) (Tor.)
B. Cormack, B.Sc. (UNBC), M.Sc. (OT) Western Ontario)
J. Corrigan, Diploma College of Occupational Therapists (Oxford-Brookes)
N. Crampton, B.Sc. (OT) (Queen Margaret)
C. Crate, M.Sc. (OT) (Western)
D. Cuthbert, B.Physical Health Education with Honours (Tor.), MOT (Br.Col.)
D. Dabros, Bachelor of Industrial Design (Carleton), M.Sc. (OT) (Tor.)
A. Danko, B.Kin, M.O.T. (Br.Col.)
K. Davidson, B.Sc. (W.Ont,), M.Sc.(Br.Col.)
K. Davies, B.Sc. (OT) (Alta.)
L. Dawes, B.Sc. (SFU), MOT (Br.Col.)
L. De Silva, B.Sc, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.)
C. DeBruyne, Bachelor of Human Kinetics (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
R. Degan, B.A. (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
E. Delisle, B.Sc. (Laval)
J. Delleman, .A. (Fraser Valley), MOT (Br.Col.)
R. Dhalla, B.Sc. (Br.Col.)
S. Dion, B.O.T. (Montreal), M.R.Sc. (Sherbrooke), Master Health Administration (Br.Col.)
M. Doherty, B.Sc. (McG.)
S. Dornian, B.Sc. (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
T. Doyle, B.Ex.Sc.Rehab. (W'gong), M.O.T. (Syd.)
H. Drummond, B.Sc. (OT) (Alta.)
T. Earl, B.A. (Br.Col.), Bachelor of Health Sciences (OT) (McM.)
J. Edamura, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Tor.)
T. El-Khodor, B.Sc. (Portland State), M.R.Sc. (Br.Col.)
C. Ellens, B.Sc. (Vic.(B.C.), B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.)
G. Eng, B.Mus. (Br.Col.), M.Sc. (McM.)
S. Esmail, B.Sc. (Br.Col.), B.Sc. (OT) (Br.Col.)
R. Fairchild, Bachelor Occupational Therapy ((Queensland)
L. Fawcett, B.A. (Vic.(B.C.)), M.Sc.(O.T.) (McM.)
T. Fawkes-Kirby, B.A. (S. Fraser), MOT (Br.Col.)
A. Ferguson, B.Sc.O.T. (Alta.), M.Sc. OTTP (Dal.)
D. Field, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Tor.), M.H.Sc.(O.T.) (Indianapolis)
C. Fischer, B.Sc.
C. Fisher, B.Sc.
D. Fogarty, B.Sc. (Manit.), MOT (Manit.)
H. Franz, B.A. (Concordia), MOT (Br.Col.)
K. Friesen, B.E. (Windsor), B.P.E., B.Sc.(O.T.) (McM.)
M. Frost, B.A., M.O.T. (Br.Col.)
D. Fullerton, B.A., M.O.T. (Br.Col.)
M. Gagnon, B.Sc. (Kin) (Br.Col.), M.Sc. (OT) (McM.)
S. Gangatharam, M.O.T. (Mumbai University), Ph.D. (Texas Women’s University)
J. Gellis, M.A.A. (E.C.I.A.D.), B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.)
A. Gerbracht, B.Sc.
K. Gilbert, B.Sc. (OT) (Br.Col.)
R. Gillan, B.Sc. (OT) (Alta.), M.Sc. (OT) (Queen’s)
L. Gist, B.O.T. (La Trobe University)
J. Glasgow, B.Sc., B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.), M.A. (R.Roads)
N. Goffman, M.O.T. (Br.Col.)
E. Goodman, M.Sc.(OT) (McM.)
M. D. Graham , B.Sc.(P.T.) (Qu.), M.R.Sc.(Rehab.) (Br.Col.)
T. Grant, B.Sc. (Lond.UK)
B. Grazys, B.Sc. (OT) (Br.Col.), B.Sc. (McG.)
V. Guevara, B.Sc. (Br.Col.), MOT (Curtin)
T. Gurniak, B.Sc. (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
L. Haazen, B.Sc. (UNBC), MOT (Br.Col.)
C. Hall, B.Sc. (Thom.Riv.), M.O.T. (Br.Col.)
J. Hall, B.Sc. (Br.Col.), B.Sc. (OT) (Br.Col.)
G. Halliday, Bachelor of Athletic Therapy & Exercise Physiology (Camosun), MOT (Br.Col.)
P. Hamilton, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Alta.)
D. Han, B.Sc. (Miami University), B.Sc. (OT) (Shawnee State University), M.R.Sc. (Br.Col.)
M. Hansen, B.A. (Br.Col.), M.Sc. (OT) (Tor.)
S. Hartney, M.Sc.(O.T.) (Alta.)
S. Haskett, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.)
J. Hawkins, B.A. (S.Fraser), M.Sc. (McM.)
T. Heah, M.Sc. (OT) (McM.)
L. Heinemann, B.Sc. (Honours) (UVic.), M.Sc. (OT) Queen’s
J. Helland, Bachelor of Community Rehabilitation & Disability Studies (Calg.), MOT (Br.Col.)
D. Herasymuik, MOT (Br.Col.)
C. Higgon, Bachelor of Kinesiology, MOT (Br.Col.)
A. Ho, B.Sc. (O.T.) (Alta.)
C. Ho, B.Sc. (Br.Col.)
C. Ho, B.Sc. (O.T.) (Br.Col.), B.Sc. (Br.Col.)
J. Ho, Prof.Dip.(O.T.) (HKPU)
M. Howey, B.A. (S.Fraser), M.Sc.(O.T.) (Dal.)
P. Hui, B.Sc. (OT)
N. Hull, B.Sc, (UVic.), MOT (Br.Col.)
J. Hutchinson, B.Sc. (UVic.), MOT (Br.Col.)
L. Huynh, MOT (Br.Col.)
R. Ingbritson, B.Sc. (OT) (Br.Col.)
K. Inger-Kirkpatrick, B.Sc. (OT) (Curtin)
P. Isberg, MOT, (Br.Col.)
K. Isenor, B.Sc. (Dalhousie), M.Sc. (OT) (Tor.)
S. Jagday (Tatla), B.Sc.(Kin.) (S.Fraser), M.O.T. (Br.Col.)
S. James, BOccThy (Hons) (Queensland), Ph.D. (Queensland)
S. Jang, Hon. B.Sc. (Tor.), M.Sc. (OT) (Tor.)
S. Janmohamed, B.Sc.(O.T.), M.B.A. (Br.Col.)
H. Jassal, M.O.T. (Manit.)
L. Jennings, B.A. (Alta.), MOT (Manit.)
D. Jones, M.A. (York), MOT (Tor.)
K. Jong, BHK (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
E. Kaempffer, B.Sc. (Honours) (Waterloo), M.Sc. (OT) (McG.)
L. Kasinsky, B.A. (UVic.), MOT (Br.Col.)
F. Kay, B.A. (UVic.), MOT (Br.Col.)
A. Keidar, B.A. (University of Ben Gurion), M.Ed. (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
S. Khursheed, B.Sc. (Brunel), M.Sc. (Teesside)
R. King, B.Sc. (OT) (Tor.)
D. Knezy, B.Sc. (OT) (Queen’s)
D. Knezy, B.Sc. (OT) (Queen’s)
S. Kozak, B.A., B.Sc. (Br.Col)
C. Kuhlmann, B.Kin. (Acadia University), M.Sc.(O.T.) (Dalhousie)
E. Kwee, B.Sc. (Kin.) (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
K. La Grand, B.O.T. (Qld.)
E. Lakes, Diploma O.T. (Queen Margaret)
B. Lam, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.), M.A. (R.Roads)
J. Lam, B.Sc. (OT) (Br.Col.)
W. Lam, B.Sc. (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
T. Lang, M.A. (OT) (Southern California)
J. Law, B.Sc. (Br.Col)
B. Le Morvan, B.Sc. (OT) (Br.Col.))
K. Leaker, BHK (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
D. Lee, B. Health Sc. (Calg.), M.Sc. (OT) (Queen’s)
M. Lee, B.Sc. (Vic (B.C.), M.O.T. (Br.Col)
Y. L. Lee, B.A., M.O.T. (Br.Col)
M. Legrand, B.Sc. (OT) (McG.)
T. Lermitte, MOT (Br.Col.)
J. Leung, B.Sc. (Honours) (Queen’s), MOT (Br.Col.)
C. Lim, B.A. (S.Fraser), B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.)
H. Lin, B.A. (Br.Col.), M.Sc. (OT) (Tor.)
W. Lintott, B.Sc.(O.T.) (W.Ont.)
G. Liu, Bachelor of Human Kinetics in Exercise Science, B.Sc. (OT)
S. Lloyd, B.A. (Vancouver Island), MOT (Br.Col.)
A. Louie, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.), M.Sc. (Dal.)
M. Lui, B.Sc, (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
M. Lukas, B. Kin (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
H. M. Lum, Bachelor of Human Kinetics (Br.Col.), M.Sc. (OT)
E. MacHattie, B.Sc. (Que.), M.O.T. (Br.Col.)
M. MacKay, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Qu.)
L. Madsen, B.Sc. (OT) (Br.Col.), B.Sc. (UVic.)
H. Mahmood, B.A. (SFU), MOT (Br.Col.)
P. Mahoney, B.Sc. (UVic.), M.Sc. (McM.)
R. M. Y. Mak, B.Comm. (Alta.), M.Sc. (McM.)
E. Manzano, B.A. (York), M.Sc. (OT) (Queen’s)
K. Marina, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Qu.), M.Ed. (Tor.)
M. Maron, MHK (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
A. Marsden, B.A. (UVic.), MOT (Br.Col.)
A. Marshall, B.A. (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
E. Martens, Bachelor of Community Rehabilitation (Calg.), MOT (Br.Col.)
P. Mason, B.A., B.Sc.(O.T.), M.A. (Br.Col.), M.A. (Cinc.)
B. Matheson, B.Sc. (UVic.), MOT (Br.Coi.)
J. Mauritz, Bachelor of Health for Occupational Therapy (Hogeschool Zuyd)
T. Mazurek, B.H.Kin., M.O.T. (Br.Col.)
J. McCormick, Bachelor of Environmental Sciences (SFU), MOT (Br.Col.)
H. McDonald, B.A. (SFU), MOT (Br.Col.)
C McIntyre, B.A. (UVic.), M.O.T. (Br.Col.)
K. McKall, B.Sc., M.O.T. (Alta.)
M. McLean, C.O.T. (QMU)
B. McNair, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Alta.)
K. McNamara
A. McNeill, B.A., B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.)
S. Mehlenbacher, B.A. (Wat.), M.Sc. (W.Ont.)
M. Meuleman, B.A. (UVic.), MOT (Br.Col.)
J. Middleton, B.Sc. (Br.Col.)
D. Mills, B.S.R. (Br.Col.)
K. Mills, B.A., B.Sc.(O.T.) (W.Ont.)
L. Minor, B.Sc. (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
C. Mireault, B.Kin (Calg.), M.O.T. (Br.Col.)
C. Morin, B.A. Honours (Western Ontario), M.Cl.Sc. (O.T.) (Western Ontario)
K. Mow, Bachelor of Commerce (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
K. Naphtali, Bachelor Human Kinetics (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
M. Nelson, B.Sc.(O.T.), M.Sc.(Rehab.) (Qu.)
T. Newlands
C. Ng, Dip.O.T. (Oxf.Brookes), B.Sc.(O.T.) (Alta.), M.Ed. (Br.Col.)
E. Ng, Dip.O.T. (HKPU)
A. Nguyen, Bachelor Human Kinetics (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
S. Nicolai, B.A. (Calg.), M.Sc. (OT) (Western Ontario)
M. Noyes, B.sC. (UVic.), MHSc. (OT) (Ott.)
N. Nybo, B.A. (U.Vic.(B.C.)), M.O.T. (Br.Col.)
K. O'Connor, B.Sc. (OT) honours (Trinity College Dublin)
B. O'Rourke, B.Sc. (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
D O'Young, B.Sc.(OT) (Br.Col.)
K. Oldale, B.A. (SFU), MOT (Br.Col.)
C. Oldham, B.Kin. (Fraser Valley), M.Sc. (OT) (Dalhousie)
J. Olson, B.A. (Vic.(B.C.)), M.O.T. (Br.Col.)
G. Olund, B.Sc. , B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.)
K. Pandey, B.Sc. (O.T.) (Bom.), M.H.Sc. (O.T.) (Indianapolis)
A. Parker-Jervis, B.A. (UVic.), MOT (Br.Col.)
A. Paul, B.Sc. (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
S. Pedrola, B.Sc. (Kin) (Alta.), M.Sc. (OT) (Alta.)
K. Pelletier, B.A. (UVic.), MOT (Br.Col.)
B. Perler, B.A. (Western), MOT (Br.Col.)
M. Perry, B.Sc. (Br.Col.)
J. Persello, B.Sc., B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.)
I. Phillips, B.Sc. (OT) (Br.Col.)
M. Pidduck, B.A. (Vic. (B.C.)), M.O.T. (Br.Col.)
S. Pike, B.Sc., B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.)
K. Pitao, B.Sc. (OT) (Santo Tomas)
L. Plaisant, Hons. Health Sciences (Western Ontario), M.Sc. (OT) (Tor.)
G. Pollock, Bachelor of Human Kinetics (Br.Col.), M.Sc. (OT) (Queen’s)
P. Pomeroy, B.Sc. (OT) (Br.Col.)
K. Pongratz, B.A. (Honours) (Ott.), M.Sc. (Queen’s)
J. Poon, Dip.O.T., B.Sc.(Kin.), M.Sc.(O.T.) (S.Jose)
C. Potter, B.Sc. (Sask.), M.Sc.(OT) (Alta.)
H. Price, B.Sc. (Br.Col.), M.Sc. (OT) (Queen’s)
B. Quirk, B.A. (Alta.), MOT (Br.Col.)
K. Quirk, B.Sc. (Gonzaga), M.O.T. (Br.Col.)
D. Rae, B.Ed., MOT
B. Rak, B.A. (UVic.), M.Sc. (OT) Alta.)
A. Rangi, Bachelor’s of Kinesiology (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
L. L. Reinhardt, B.Sc. (O.T.) (Alta.), M.Sc.(Rehab.) (Br.Col.)
W. Repta, B.Sc., BPE (McM.)
J. Riske, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Alta.), M.B.A.
J. Ritson, Dip.O.T. (U.K.)
S. Rodger, B.Sc. (Dalhousie), B.Sc. (OT) (Dalhousie)
C. Rodrigues, B.Sc., B.Sc.(O.T.) (Dal.)
D. Rootman, B.Sc. (Dalhousie), B.Sc. (OT) (Dalhousie)
T. Ross, B.M.R.(O.T.) (Manit.)
D. Ruggiero, B.Sc. (OT) (Br.Col.)
M. Sandhu, B.Sc. (OT) (Br.Col.)
P. Santiago, B.Sc. (Tor.), M.Sc.(O.T.) (Qu.)
A. Schmidt, B.Sc. (Alta., MOT (Br.Col.)
K. Schmidt, B.Sc. (OT) (Hogeschool van Amsterdam)
W. Scoffin, B.Sc. (OT) (Alta.)
G. Seto, B.Sc. (Alta.), B.Sc. (OT) (Tor.)
S. Shankar, B.Sc.(Kin.), M.Sc.(Kin.) (Wat.), M.O.T. (Br.Col.)
D. Sharpe, B.Kin. (SFU), M.Sc. (OT) (McM.)
R. Shields, B.Sc. (Kin) (McG.), MOT (Br.Col.)
B. Short, Bachelor of Kinesiology (Fraser Valley), MSc (OT) Queen's
J. Short, B.A. (Alta.), MOT (Br.Col.)
J. Shortreed, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Qu.), M.Ed. (W.Ont.)
M. Simon, B.Sc.(OT) (Br.Col.), RSc (Br.Col.)
L. Simpson, B.Applied Science (Queen’s) MOT (Queen’s)
K. Sipprell, B.Sc. (Human Kinetics) (Ott.), M.Sc. (OT) McM.
S. Slocombe, B.Sc. (UVic.), MOT (Br.Col.)
J. Smolinski, B.Sc. (Alta.)
C. Stare, B.Sc. (Ott.), M.Sc. (McM.)
H. Stephenson, B.Sc. (OT) (Curtin)
L. Stewart, B.Sc. (OT) (Br.Col.)
R. Stokes, B.Sc.(O.T.), M.Sc.(Rehab) (Br.Col.)
H. Storey, B.Sc. (McG.), B.B.A. (S.Fraser)
L. Swain, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.)
C. Sykes, B.Sc. (OT) (AUT)
H. Tam, B.A. (UC Berkeley), M.Sc. (OT) (University of Alberta)
M. Tang, .A. (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
W. Tang, M.Sc. (McM.)
M. Teng, B.Sc. (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
H. Theriault, B.Sc. (OT) (Dalhousie), Master of Adult Education (St. Francis Xavier)
O. Thomas, B.Sc, (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
W. J. Thompson, B.Sc, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br. Col.)
J. Thorne, MOT (Br.Col.)
K. Tilley, Dip.O.T. (Newcastle(UK))
G. Trapanier, B.Sc. (OT) (McG.)
T. Trethewey, B.H.K. (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
W. Tse, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.)
K. Tung, B.Sc. (Kin.) (Br.Col.), M.Sc. (OT) (Alta.)
S. Vaghela, A.A. (Capilano), B.A. (S.Fraser), M.O.T. (Qu.)
C. Van Oort, B.Sc. (McM.), M.Sc. (Sask.), M.Sc. (OT) (Western)
K. Vaughan, B.Sc. (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
A. Villamayor, B.Sc. (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
J. Wakabayashi, BPE (Alta.), B.Sc.(OT) (Alta.)
J. Wang, B.Sc. (OT) (Alta.), B.Sc. (Alta.)
A. Waning, B.Sc. (Br.Col.), MOT (Tor.)
N. Wellwood, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.)
A. Wenger, M.Sc. (OT) (Tor.)
C. Whittaker, B.A. (UVic.), MOT (Br.Col.)
S. Whyte, B.A. (UVic.), MOT (Br.Col.)
M. Wickett , B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.)
N. Wilkins, B.Sc.(O.T.) (Br.Col.)
K. Wilson, B.A.(Psyc.) (Vic.(B.C.)), M.Sc.(O.T.) (Tor.)
J. Wolff, B.Sc. (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
A. Wong, Prof.Dip.(O.T.) (HKPU), B.Sc.(O.T.) (Alta.)
J. Wong, Bachelor Human Kinetics (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
K. Wong, B.S.R. (Br.Col.)
K. L. H. Wong, B.A., B.Sc., M.Sc. (Dal.)
R. Wong, BHK (Br.Col.), B.Sc. (OT) (Br.Col.)
S. Wong, B.H.K. (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
J. Woo, Bachelor Human Kinetics (Br.Col.), M.Sc.(OT) (Tor.)
M. Woodward, B.Sc. (OT) (Br.Col.)
E. Wray, B.A., B.Sc. (McM.), M.Sc. (Br.Col.)
B. Yeung, B.Sc. (Queen's), M.Sc. (McG.)
T. Young, B.Ed. (Br.Col.), M.Ed. (Br.Col.), MOT (Br.Col.)
K. Youngman, B.A. (McG.), MOT (Alta.)
M. Zapf, B.Sc. (Br.Col.), M.Sc. (OT) (Alta.)

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Adjunct Professors

J. Borisoff, Ph.D.(Neurosci.)
T. Gaertner, Ph.D.
C. Goldsmith
J. Young, M.A.(Bioeth.) (Med.Coll.Wisc.), M.S.W.

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Honorary Professor

K. Hammell, Dip. (Liverpool Coll.O.T.), M.Sc. (S’ton), Ph.D. (Br. Col.)

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Honorary Assistant Professor

E. Smith, M.Sc. (Dal.)

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Affiliate Members

K. Best, Laval University
E. Giesbrecht, University of Manitoba

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Associate Members

H. Anton, Medicine
A. Chalmers, Medicine
L. Hurd Clarke, Human Kinetics
A. V. Krassioukov, Rehabilitation Medicine
I. Mitchell, Computer Science
S. Parvaneh, University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences (Tehran, Iran)
B. Sawatzky, Medicine
A. Townson, Rehabilitation Medicine

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