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Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy

The first week of the first year will include both scheduled coursework and a formal orientation program. This orientation will introduce students to the Faculty, its expectations for academic and professional conduct, and some of the skills required to succeed in the program.

First Year
CAPS 390 3
CAPS 391 3
CHEM 233 3
CHEM 235 1
MICB 202 3
PHAR 201 3
PHAR 202 4
PHAR 220 3
PHAR 241 1
PHAR 299 6
CAPS 301 6
STAT 203 3
Total Credits 39
Second Year
BIOC 202 3
BIOC 302 3
PHAR 303 4
PHAR 315 4
PHAR 321 3
PHAR 323 3
PHAR 330 2
PHAR 341 2
PHAR 342 2
PHAR 351 2
PHAR 352 2
PHAR 361 1
PHAR 362 1
PHAR 3691 3
PHAR 371 1
PHAR 399 6
Elective3 3
Total Credits 45
Third Year
PHAR 401 2
PHAR 430 4
PHAR 435 3
PHAR 441 3
PHAR 442 3
PHAR 451 2
PHAR 452 2
PHAR 454 3
PHAR 460 2
PHAR 461 1
PHAR 462 1
PHAR 4692 3
PHAR 471 1
PHAR 472 1
PHAR 498 3
Electives3 6
Total Credits 40
Fourth Year
PHAR 400 3
PHAR 403 1
PHAR 479 12
PHAR 4894 6
PHAR 499 3
Electives3 9
Total Credits 34
1 Taken in the summer after completing second year.
2 Taken in the summer after completing third year.
3 Of the 18 elective credits required in the program, 6 must be chosen from outside the Faculty and 12 must be chosen from offerings within or approved by the Faculty.
4 Students must meet minimum requirements for community and institutional practice experience before opting for alternate practice sites.

Clinical Clerkships and Additional Expenses

Required clinical clerkships in facilities that have been approved as affiliated teaching sites by the Faculty will be supervised by University-appointed personnel. These clerkships may be scheduled in community and hospital pharmacies, health care agencies and institutions, manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry, and with selected pharmacy organizations. Clerkship sites outside the Greater Vancouver area are also used. All students will be required to spend up to 12 of their 20 weeks of clerkship outside the Greater Vancouver area.

Students will be required to pay the B.Sc. (Pharm.) practice fee. See Program and Course Fees. Students should be prepared for clinical clerkships in sites around BC and therefore should also include travel and accommodation costs for these experiences in estimating total personal expenses.

College Registration Requirement

Students must register with the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia during their first year in the Faculty. This registration will be completed during Term 1 of Winter Session. Proof of such registration will be a requirement for admission into both the Pharmacy Skills and experiential courses.

English Requirements

To qualify for the Program, students must satisfy the Faculty's English Requirement. To do this, students must obtain 6 credits of first-year English. Other English communication skills requirements are under Faculty review. Satisfactory completion of the Language Proficiency Index Requirement for First-Year English is prerequisite to all first-year English courses at UBC.

Interprofessional Electives

Under the auspices of the Council, the College of Health Disciplines is responsible for the administration of interprofessional courses (IHHS), which are recommended as electives to students in Pharmaceutical Sciences. For more information see IHHS Courses or visit Health Disciplines.


Students in the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy program are permitted to take a maximum of 6 credits of non-pharmacy approved electives to satisfy degree requirements in compliance with the University's Credit/D/Fail policy. See Credit/D/Fail.

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