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Degree Requirements

You are reading the 2022/23 Academic Calendar. The 2021/22 version remains in effect until 31 August 2022 and is available here

The first week of the first year will include both scheduled coursework and a mandatory formal orientation program. This orientation will introduce students to the Faculty, its expectations for academic and professional conduct, and some of the skills required to succeed in the program.

Professional Year 1 (PY1)  
PHRM 100 18
PHRM 111 15
PHRM 131 2
PHRM 141 2
PHRM 161 2
PHRM 1711 2
Total Credits 41
Professional Year 2 (PY2)  
PHRM 211 15
PHRM 212 15
PHRM 221 2
PHRM 231 2
PHRM 241 2
PHRM 251 1
PHRM 261 1
PHRM 270 1
PHRM 2711 2
PHRM 2721 1
Total Credits 42
Professional Year 3 (PY3)  
PHRM 311 12
PHRM 312 12
PHRM 341 2
PHRM 351 3
PHRM 361 1
PHRM 3711 4
Electives2 9
Total Credits 43
Professional Year 4 (PY4)  
PHRM 441 1
PHRM 471 12
PHRM 472 12
PHRM 473 12
PHRM 481 2
Total Credits 39
Total Credits for the Program 165
1 Completed in the summer after the prior academic term. All of the other required courses of the Professional Year must be passed before being permitted to take this course.
2 Of the 9 elective credits required in the program, all must be chosen from offerings within or approved by the Faculty. A minimum of 3 credits must be taken from PHAR/PHRM elective course offerings. Non-PHAR/PHRM courses may be taken for Credit/D/Fail standing if permitted by the Faculty offering the course. As scholars, pharmacy students take responsibility for excellence by learning continuously. Courses taken prior to entry to the program and repeat courses will not be credited toward elective requirements.

Practicums and Additional Expenses

Practicums are scheduled at a variety of experiential education sites including, but not limited to, inpatient and outpatient pharmacy practice settings, governmental agencies and institutions, manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry, academic institutions, and selected pharmacy organizations. Practicum sites are approved as affiliated teaching sites by the Faculty and are reviewed and coordinated by University-appointed personnel. Scheduling of practicums is dependent on both site and practice educator availability; therefore, placement preferences cannot be guaranteed. Students should expect to be placed at practicum sites anywhere throughout British Columbia and should include the travel and accommodation costs for all practicum experiences in estimating their total program-related expenses.

College Registration Requirement

Students must register with the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia by September 1st during their first year in the Faculty. Students must maintain registration with the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia while they are in the program. Proof of such registration will be a requirement for admission into both the Pharmacy Practice Centre and practicum courses.

Interprofessional Education

Students must meet the interprofessional education requirements of the program, which include activities embedded in the program’s required courses. Students are also encouraged to take interprofessional elective courses (consult the Faculty-Approved Electives list, which is available to current students on the Program Information Hub on canvas, for more information) and participate in extracurricular interprofessional activities.

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