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New Courses

Refer to this page regularly for announcements regarding new courses at the UBC Vancouver campus.

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The following new courses were recently approved by the UBC Vancouver Senate:

Applied Science

APSC 179 (3) Linear Algebra for Engineers
EECE 567 (3) Power Systems Dynamics and Stability
MINE 465 (3) Materials Handling
PLAN 211 (3) City-Making: A Global Perspective
PLAN 221 (3) City Visuals
PLAN 331 (3) The Just City in a Divided World


ACAM 320 (3/6)d Selected Topics in ACAM Studies
ACAM 447 (3/6)c Directed Studies in Asian Canadian and Asian Migration
ARTH 357 (3) Chinese Art and Architecture: Patronage and Collecting
ARTH 382 (3) Is Art History Queer?
ASIA 402 (3) Language, Writing, and Linguistic Thought in the Hostory of the Sinographic Cosmopolis
ASIA 433 (3) The Cinematic Lives of Muslims in South Asia
ASTU 101 (3) Writing for Research in the Social Sciences and the Humanities
CTLN 301 (3) Catalan Language and Culture
KORN 420 (3) Readings in Middle and Early Modern Korean


UFOR 449(1-6)c Directed Studies in Urban Forestry

Graduate Studies

ASIA 591 (3) Critical Issues in Asian Studies
BAAC 511 (1.5) Intermediate Managerial Accounting: Decision Making and Performance Evaluation
BAAC 551 (1.5) Foundations in Accounting II
BAPA 551 (1.5) Managerial Economics II
BMEG 511 (2) Fundamentals of Applied Pathophysiology in Biomedical Engineering
COMM 655 (3) Stock Market Inefficiencies
FISH 507 (3) Grand Challenges in Ocean Leadership
FIST 649 (0) Doctoral Dissertation
PLAN 553 (3) Indigenous Law, Governance and Community Planning
PLAN 591 (3) Land Use and Environmental Policy
THTR 555 (3) Structural Design for the Stage I
THTR 556 (3) Structural Design for the Stage II


MIDW 108 (7) Foundations for Midwifery Practice
MIDW 115 (3) Research Methods for Midwives
MIDW 322 (8) Midwifery Primary Care
MIDW 380 (10) Midwifery in Special Contexts
MIDW 499 (1-5) Midwifery Self-Directed Course
PHTH 301 (3) Physical Therapy Foundations


EOSC 426 (3) Fundamentals of Geomicrobiology

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