Computer Science (B.A.)

B.A. Major in Computer Science

Note: The UBC Okanagan campus also offers a B.Sc. Major in Computer Science.

This program allows students to use their artistic creativity with technology for the benefit of society. It appeals to students interested both in computer science and visual arts (game or website design), psychology (cognitive science, and human and computer interaction), English (technical writing), languages (automation of text translation), philosophy (computer ethics), or law (information security, privacy, and forensics).

First and Second Years

B.A. requirements, including the following:

  • one of COSC 111, COSC 1231;
  • COSC 121;
  • COSC 222;
  • one of MATH 100, 111, 1162.

1COSC 122 is a prerequisite for COSC 123.
2Since several upper-level Computer Science courses have Mathematics prerequisites, MATH 101, MATH 221, and COSC 221 are strongly recommended.

Third and Fourth Years

  • COSC 3101;
  • COSC 3411;
  • COSC 3041;
  • COSC 4992;
  • 18 credits of Computer Science courses numbered 300 or above;
  • PHIL 331;
  • 15 credits at the 300/400 level outside of Computer Science.

1Students must take COSC 304, COSC 310 and COSC 341 in their 3rd year since they are a prerequisite to COSC 499.
2COSC 499 must be taken in 4th year.

B.A. Computer Science Honours Program

Through coursework and research, the Honours in Computer Science is an intensive program of study. Students who complete this program will have the ability to work independently and with a high level of competency. The course requirements are the same as in the Major in Computer Science program, except the student must maintain a high grade level (a minimum of 76%) and the student must complete COSC 449 Honours Thesis (6 credits) in lieu of 6 upper level electives in COSC.

Admission Requirements

  • Fourth-year standing in the Computer Science Major;
  • This program requires a research project with an undergraduate honours thesis. The thesis proposal and a research supervisor must be approved by the unit head; and
  • Minimum grade average of 76% in all courses taken to date applicable to the Computer Science Major.

In exceptional cases, such as transferees from another institution, a student may be admitted to the Honours program notwithstanding the criteria listed above.

Graduation Requirements

  • Completion of the course requirements for the Computer Science Major;
  • Completion of COSC 449 Honours Thesis with a minimum grade of 76%. A written thesis is required, with a public presentation of the thesis in the form of a poster session and/or a seminar; and
  • A minimum 76% graduating grade average (GGA).

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