Management (Minor)

Minor in Management

The Minor in Management is open to all students completing a Bachelor of Arts.1

Students may earn a Minor in Management by completing 30 credits as follows:

  • 6 credits of core courses: MGMT 100, MGMT 110
  • 6 credits from: MGMT 201, MGMT 202, MGMT 220, MGMT 230, MGMT 250, MGMT 290
  • 18 credits of MGMT courses at the 300- and 400-level2

Students might encounter difficulty fitting the courses for the Minor into their timetable; careful planning is essential, and completion of the Minor program may necessitate an additional term beyond that required to complete the B.A. degree alone.

1B.A. students who entered the program in 2020/2021 or earlier should consult with Academic Advising.

2Some upper-level MGMT courses may have prerequisites beyond the required lower-level courses for the minor. Non-MGMT prerequisites courses do not count towards the required upper-level credits.

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