Second Degree, Major or Honours

Requirements of an Annotation of a Second or Subsequent Major or Honours Designation on a Baccalaureate Degree Previously Conferred at UBCO

Students who have previously been granted a UBC Okanagan campus B.A. or B.Sc. may subsequently return and complete the requirements for a first or an additional major or honours designation relevant to and within the same baccalaureate degree. The student will then be issued an updated parchment of the baccalaureate degree if the major or honours program requirements have been fully met. The updated degree parchment will include an annotation specific to the majors or honours designation. The student will be required to surrender the degree parchment previously conferred upon the issuance of the updated parchment for the baccalaureate degree. The official transcript of the student will be updated to indicate that the requirements of a subsequent major or honours have been met.

Returning students must receive the approval of the relevant department head before the student may enter either the second major or the honours program. The department head will ensure that the student’s prior work is sufficiently current to progress within the proposed program of study.

Second Degree Studies

Students with a recognized undergraduate degree from a postsecondary institution may apply to pursue a Bachelor of Arts as a second degree. Applications are evaluated in accordance with the requirements for Admission from a Post-Secondary Institution.

Admitted students are given Year 3 standing, and should be prepared to choose a degree program option prior to registration. No transfer credit is granted to students who have already completed a recognized undergraduate degree. Instead, Second Degree students are advised to consult with Academic Advising, as well as Departmental Advisors, regarding possible exemptions from degree and specialization-specific requirements based on prior study.

Students whose previous study was in an Arts discipline can only earn a second B.A. degree in a different or unrelated discipline than their first major. Students planning to take courses prerequisite to another degree or program should consult that program for admission requirements, and may wish to consider Unclassified Studies.


Second degree students must complete a minimum of 60 UBC credits. These must include no fewer than 48 upper-level credits, all of which must be taken while registered in the Bachelor of Arts degree program.

Degree Requirements

Second degree students must fulfill the B.A. degree requirements, with the exception of electives. Courses completed through prior study may exempt the student from degree requirements or lower-level course requirements for the second degree, but cannot reduce the minimum 60 credit requirement.

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