Program Overview

Degrees Offered: M.Ed., M.A., Ed.D.

Graduate offerings in Education provide opportunities for educators to further develop specialized areas of interest and integrate their practice and understandings within a framework of educational research and inquiry.

Programs are designed for school teachers, subject area coordinators, educational administrators, and educators in non-school settings.

The master's degree program is comprised of core courses and courses within thematic areas. It is designed so that students receive foundational instruction in general education and curriculum theory, and the opportunity to personalize their learning by focusing inquiry within and across thematic areas. Students are encouraged to undertake studies within the context of their professional careers.

The M.Ed. is typically completed as a part-time program. The M.A. can be completed on either a part-time or full-time basis.

The College of Graduate Studies offers two master's degree routes that support a broad range of qualitative and quantitative approaches. The program culminates with a completion of a project (M.Ed.) or thesis (M.A.).

The Ed.D. is a professional program grounded in a strong and diverse research culture where students engage together in courses and seminars focused on growing knowledge and practices for excellence in educational research. Mentors and graduate supervisory teams encourage students towards mastery and excellence as they apply their learning within their practice to develop research proposals.

The Ed.D. is designed for working professionals and allows students to remain in their work environment throughout the school year, broadening the potential for impact in their home communities as they apply and contextualize their learning within their own unique work context.

The majority of the course work will be completed online, with opportunities for intensive coursework held on campus. The third year will focus on a course-based, in-situ research project, a Practice-Based Dissertation tailored to inquiry needs in their unique professional context. Students will be supported and guided through collaborative models of supervision.

At the end of their third year, students may return to campus to defend their dissertations or carry out an online defence following protocols established by the College of Graduate Studies.

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