Data Science

Major in Data Science

Note: The UBC Okanagan campus also offers a B.Sc. Minor in Data Science.

This program provides students with a thorough training in Data Science, which focuses on making decisions supported by data. It is grounded in Statistics (to formulate relevant questions and determine the answer based on data) and Computer Science (to manipulate and visualize data efficiently).

Data Science graduates have an impact on society by supporting evidence-based decisions grounded in our ever-growing collection of data. They are in very high demand and are called Statisticians, Quantitative Analysts, Decision Support Engineering Analysts, or Data Scientists.

First Year Credits
DATA 101 3
CHEM 111 or 121; 3
MATH 100, 101 6
ENGL 109, or two of ENGL 112, 113, 114, 150, 151, 153, 154, 155, or 156 6
PHYS 111 or 112 3
PHYS 121 or 122 3
COSC 111, 121 6
Total Credits 30

Second Year  
MATH 200, 2211 6
STAT 230 3
COSC 221, 222 6
Electives2 15
Total Credits 30

Third and Fourth Years  
DATA 301 3
DATA 311 3
COSC 304 3
STAT 303 3
PHIL 331 3
27 credits from the following:
  • upper-level DATA electives;
  • a maximum of 6 credits from: STAT 400, 401, 403, 406;
  • a maximum of 6 credits from: COSC 303, 322, 329, 344, 407, 421; MATH 303, 307, 409; PHYS 420.
  • Upper-level electives 3
    Electives2 15
    Total Credits 60
    Minimum credits for degree 120

    1Math 221 may be taken in the second term of the first year.

    2Students must complete at least 12 credits of non-science designated courses. Students are strongly encouraged to take 3 credits of an Indigenous content course to partially fulfill this requirement. Students entering the B.Sc. in 2024 and later will have to successfully complete an Indigenous content course.

    Data Science Honours Program

    Through coursework and research, the Honours in Data Science is an intensive program of study. Students who complete this program will have the ability to work independently and with a high level of competency. The course requirements are the same as in the Major in Data Science program, except the student must maintain a high grade level (a minimum of 76%) and the student must complete DATA 449 Honours Thesis (6 credits).

    Admission Requirements

    • Fourth-year standing in the Data Science Major;
    • This program requires a research project with an undergraduate honours thesis. The thesis proposal and a research supervisor must be approved by the department head; and
    • Minimum grade average of 76% in all courses taken to date applicable to the Data Science Major.

    In exceptional cases, such as transferees from another institution, a student may be admitted to the Honours program notwithstanding the criteria listed above.

    Graduation Requirements

    • Completion of the course requirements for the Data Science Major;
    • Completion of DATA 449 Honours Thesis with a minimum grade of 76%. A written thesis is required, with a public presentation of the thesis in the form of a poster session or a seminar; and
    • A minimum 76% graduating grade average (GGA).

    Any query related to the data science Major/Honours should be addressed to the data science Major/Honours program advisor at

    Minor in Data Science

    The Minor in Data Science provides advanced numeracy skills to majors in disciplines where new discoveries rely increasingly on the creation, management, and understanding of large data sets such as biology, chemistry, economics, and psychology. The minor is open to all majors in the B.Sc. program except Statistics. Due to the similarity of the content areas, students majoring in Statistics are not permitted to pursue a Minor in Data Science.

    Students may earn a minor in data science by completing 30 credits as follows:

    3 credits of DATA 101
    3 credits of STAT 230
    Up to 6 credits from: MATH 100, 101, 200, 221; COSC 111, 121, 221, 222; ECON 102; APSC 177; BIOL 202; PSYO 373; APSC 254
    3 credits of DATA 301
    3 credits of DATA 311
    12 upper-level credits from the following1:
  • upper-level DATA courses;
  • a maximum of 3 credits from2: COSC 304, 322, 329, 344, 421;
  • a maximum of 6 credits from: STAT 303, 401.
  • 1Students in a major/minor are permitted to double count a limited number of credits between the two fields of study (see Double Counting of Credits in Honours, Majors, and Minors).

    2Students majoring in Computer Science cannot count COSC courses towards the DATA minor.

    Any query related to the data science minor should be addressed to the data science minor program coordinator at

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