Economics (B.Sc.)

B.Sc. Major in Economics

Note: UBC Okanagan also offers a B.A. Major in Economics and a B.A. Major in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE).

The B.Sc. Major in Economics emphasizes the mathematical and quantitative nature of modern economic inquiry that is increasingly required for progress on to graduate studies in economics or to careers in quantitative economic and financial analysis in the public and private sectors. The Major combines courses in Economics, Mathematics, and Statistics along with other Arts and Social Sciences requirements and electives. For students registered in the B.Sc. program in Economics, courses in Economics (ECON) taken to complete the requirements for the major are considered Science courses. Otherwise, Economics courses count as Arts credit.

Students are recommended to enter the B.Sc. Economics Major in their second year in order to ensure proper program advising and course selection.

To be admitted to the major program students must:

  • have successfully completed both ECON 204 and ECON 205 (or equivalent); and,
  • consult with the department.

First and Second Years Credits
ECON 101, 102 6
MATH 100, 101 6
CHEM 111 or CHEM 121; and CHEM 113 or CHEM 123 6
PHYS 111 or 112 3
PHYS 121 or 122 3
ENGL 109, or two of ENGL 112, 113, 114, 150, 151, 153, 154, 155, or 156 6
Two of ASTR 110, 120, 111, 121; BIOL 116, 125; COSC 111, 121, 122, 123; EESC 111, 121; GEOG 108, 109 6
ECON 204, 205 6
MATH 200, 221 6
One of MATH 220, 225 3
STAT 230 3
Electives1 6
Total Credits 60

Third and Fourth Years  
ECON 327, 328 6
Four of ECON 320, 427; MATH 303, 307, 317, 319, 327, 339, 340, 409, 441; STAT 303, 401; DATA 301,311, 410 12
ECON courses numbered 300 or higher2 18
ECON courses at any level1 6
Electives1 18
Total Credits 60
Minimum credits for degree 120

1In order to meet the degree requirements for the B.Sc., at least 42 of the 120 credits must be upper-level courses (numbered 300 or higher) and at least 18 of the 120 credits must be Arts course credits (including the 6 required credits of first-year English and at least 12 other credits in Arts courses).

2At least one course must be upper-level microeconomics (ECON 308, 386, or 401) and at least one course must be in upper-level monetary/macroeconomics (ECON 309, 345, 356, 402, or 409).

B.Sc. Honours in Economics

The Honours program in Economics enables high-achieving B.Sc. Major students in Economics to increase their concentration in economics and to gain research experience through the completion of a directed-studies project (ECON 499 Honours Essay). Students are expected to satisfy high levels of competency in their academic program and to successfully complete a directed-studies project (ECON 499 Honours Essay) under the supervision of a faculty member. Students intending to pursue graduate studies in economics are advised to consider taking the Honours program since it better equips them to be successful; in addition, most of the high-quality programs in Economics expect potential graduate students to have completed an Honours degree.

Students who wish to enroll in the Honours program must submit a formal application to the coordinator of the Honours Program. After being admitted to the Honours Program, students must complete ECON 495 (Honours Seminar) and ECON 499 (Honours Essay) in sequence during their final year of study.

Admission Requirements:

  • Fourth-year standing in the Economics major;
  • A minimum grade average of 76% in all courses taken to date that are applicable to the Economics Major;
  • A minimum grade of 76% in both ECON 204 and ECON 205;
  • A minimum grade average of 76% in MATH 100 and MATH 101;
  • Successful Completion of ECON 327 and ECON 328.

Graduation Requirements:

  • All general program requirements for the B.Sc. degree ;
  • All requirements for the B.Sc. Economics Major;
  • Successful completion of ECON 401, 402, 427, 495 and 499;
  • A minimum overall grade average of 76% in all Economics (ECON) courses;
  • A minimum overall grade average of 76% in all courses; and
  • A minimum of 51 credits of Economics with at least 36 credits at the upper level.

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