Academic Leave

Students In Good Standing may, in most programs, take an academic leave (time away from UBC studies) of up to one year. For example, a student In Good Standing after completing the 2017 Winter Session will automatically be eligible to register in the same program for the 2018 Summer, 2018 Winter, 2019 Summer, and 2019 Winter Sessions.

In cases of mandatory military service, students are required to seek permission for an academic leave beyond one year from their Dean.

Students in cohort-based or limited enrolment programs are required to seek permission for an academic leave prior to departing due to a limited ability to accommodate leaves in such programs.

Students with a student loan or scholarship are advised to consult with Student Financial Assistance and Awards prior to taking a leave as there may be financial implications.

A student In Good Standing in their last session at UBC who is no longer automatically eligible to register because more than one Winter Session has passed since his/her last registration must submit an application for readmission. Readmission is not guaranteed. Students who are readmitted will be governed by the academic regulations and program requirements in effect at the time of readmission to the University and are advised to consult with an academic advisor. See Readmission for more information.

Students who wish to study at another institution while on leave are required to obtain a Letter of Permission in advance.

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