Senate Policy on Examinations

The following regulations were approved by the Senate in October 1976 and amended in December 1990, and apply generally across campus.

  1. Faculties are urged to make full use of the formal examination periods, both in December and in April, and that, unless the relevant dean and head, for sound academic reason, grant exemption, all courses designed for first- and second-year students be examined in December as well as April.
  2. The holding of any examination, formal or informal, during the two weeks preceding the formally scheduled examinations of December and April is forbidden. (This recommendation does not apply to regular weekly or biweekly tests or to traditional and current practices in laboratories.)
  3. Scrupulous adherence by invigilators (members of faculty and other invigilators) to the regulations governing the invigilation of examinations is mandatory.
  4. Smoking shall not be permitted during the examinations nor during lectures. (This applies equally to members of faculty and to students.)
  5. Faculties are urged to curtail the use of the "take-home" examination, both in the extent of its administration and in the weight assigned to it in the calculation of marks.

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