Viewing Marked Examinations

Any examination, essay, problem set, laboratory report, or other assignment should be marked in a reasonable time and although the work may be retained by the University, the student will receive feedback on expected and achieved outcomes. If there is a provision for marked work to be returned to the student and then resubmitted for the correction of marking errors or omissions, the instructor must provide clear guidelines in advance to ensure that the academic integrity of the work is maintained.

A final examination becomes the property of the University and must remain in the possession of the University for one year from the date of the examination, after which time it should be destroyed or otherwise disposed of.

Where there is no scheduled review of an examination, a student may make written application (by January 31 for the Winter Session, Term 1; by June 30 for Winter Session, Term 2; and by September 15 for the Summer Session) to the course instructor who will make every reasonable effort to arrange for the student to view the marked final examination within 30 days of the request. If the instructor does not comply, at the student's request, the head of the department, director of the school, or dean of the faculty offering the course will make every reasonable effort to facilitate the viewing, which normally will be completed within 15 days of receipt of the request. The purpose of this exercise is purely pedagogic.

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