Deferred and Supplemental Examinations

A deferred examination is an examination written at a later date, while a supplemental examination is an examination in addition to the usual examination(s) given for a course.

If a deferred examination is not written by the end of the next regular deferred examination period for that session, the Deferred standing will be removed.

It is the student's responsibility to seek an extension by contacting his or her faculty. If a student, because of exceptional circumstances, is permitted by his or her faculty to postpone a deferred examination beyond the first regular deferred examination period, the student will be responsible for the content of the course as currently offered. If the course is discontinued, the deferred privilege may be cancelled.

Students granted Deferred standing by the dean of the faculty in which the student is enrolled may be given the opportunity to complete outstanding coursework by writing the next regularly scheduled examination in the course or make-up examination if the department offering the course agrees. Students should see the sections of this Academic Calendar in which the regulations for the faculty offering the course are detailed (e.g., all students with Deferred standing in a Science course should consult the Faculty of Science sections of this Academic Calendar).

For Winter Session courses, deferred and supplemental examinations for students who have not completed outstanding coursework will be held in late July or early August, or on another date to be determined by the department. Applications may be made to Enrolment Services up to the date specified in the University's Academic Year (see "Application Deadlines and Academic Year") and must be accompanied by the required fee. Examinations may be written at the University or arrangements may be made to write off campus with the approval of Enrolment Services.

For Summer Session courses, supplemental and deferred examinations that cannot be written as regularly scheduled December examinations will be held at the University on one date in mid-November or on another date to be determined by the department. Applications must be made to Enrolment Services by the date specified in the University's Academic Year and must be accompanied by the required fee.

In special cases, a student may be permitted to write examinations at a university outside British Columbia, or at a special centre other than a university if satisfactory arrangements can be made within Canada. Since permission is contingent on the completion of arrangements, only early applications to write in special centres will be considered.

In the event that a candidate is unable to write an examination, a refund of the required fee will be considered if the candidate submits an adequate explanation to the Registrar at least two weeks prior to the scheduled examination period.

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