Purpose and Goals

This policy articulates the University’s commitment to support students in their academic pursuits through the application of academic concessions in the event that students experience events or circumstances that interfere with their ability to accomplish academic work. An academic concession is not a right; it is a privilege granted by the University after consideration of a student’s unique circumstances.

When considering requests for academic concessions, the University applies principles of transparency, flexibility, and compassion. Fairness is achieved by applying this policy and its procedures in a flexible manner; however, it is recognized that fair treatment is not necessarily equal treatment in all circumstances. Flexibility allows decision-makers the reasonable exercise of discretion, sound judgement, and compassion in response to the unique circumstances of an individual student’s case. In responding to students’ requests for academic concessions, the University is committed to ensuring compassionate and flexible responses uniquely tailored to students’ individual circumstances while upholding the standards of the curriculum and the requirements of each course or academic program.

Following these principles, this policy is designed to set out the circumstances under which academic concessions may be granted to students, which types of academic concessions may be granted to students under various situations and by whom, as well as requirements and procedures for submitting and responding to student requests for academic concessions.

Page last updated: October 11, 2022

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