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Degree Requirements

A student is eligible for a Bachelor of Design in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urbanism after obtaining credit for all courses listed in the program of study. This requirement will normally be met by completing four Winter Sessions with a full credit load.

A student transferring from a program of study outside the Bachelor of Design program at another Post-Secondary Institution may be granted Transfer Credit.

Year One
DES 101, Introductory Workshop 1
One of: 3
DES 110, Measured Architectural Drawing
VISA 180, Studio One, Foundation and Media
Two of: 6
DES 130, Design, Culture and Ecology
DES 200, Design Thinking
DES 220, Architecture and Urbanism in Context: Vancouver and its Region
DES 230, Sustainability by Design
Reading Requirement1 3
Writing Requirement2 3
Geography Requirement3 3
Electives4 12
Total 31
Year Two
DES 201, Design Studio I – Context and Site 6
DES 202, Design Studio II – Form 6
DES 211, Design Media I 3
DES 212, Design Media II 3
DES 231, Site Analysis and Planning 3
DES 232, Material Culture 3
DES 320, History of the Design of the Built Environment 3
Electives4 3
Total 30
Year Three
DES 301, Design Studio III - Building Scale Synthesis 9
DES 302, Design Studio IV - Vancouver 9
DES 330, Structural Systems and Supports 3
DES 421, Design Theory 3
One of: 3
DES 321, Topics in Architectural History I
DES 323, Histories in Landscape Architecture
Electives4 9
Total 36
Year Four
DES 401, Design Studio V - Urban Systems Synthesis 9
DES 402, Design Studio VI: Senior Project 9
DES 422, Urbanism by Design 3
DES 430, Environment, Urban Form and Infrastructure 3
DES 445, Entrepreneurship and Ethics in Design 3
Electives4 9
Total 36
Program Total 133

1 The Reading Requirement can be fulfilled by successfully completing one of ARTH 101, 102, ENGL 110, 111, 120, or the equivalent.
2 The Writing requirement can be fulfilled by successfully completing one of ENGL 100, WRDS 150, or the equivalent.
3 Transfer students may alternately fulfill the Reading and Writing requirements with ASTU 100 or the equivalent
4 The Geography Requirement can be fulfilled by successfully completing one of GEOS 102, 103, GEOG 121, 122, or the equivalent. GEOS 102, 103 or Physical Geography equivalent highly recommended.
5 A minimum of 12 credits of senior-level courses must be included within the elective requirements.

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