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Jewish Studies

The Jewish Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary program exploring the culture, history, and literature of Jews throughout the ages. Through this Minor, students will gain an understanding of Jewish civilization and its sources, from Ancient Israel and the Hebrew Bible, to the Second Temple Period and Classical Rabbinic Literature, to the Middle Ages and Modern Judaism. The Minor in Jewish Studies is an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental undergraduate program administered through the Faculty of Arts.

Minor in Jewish Studies

The minor consists of 21 credits, of which at least 18 credits must be at the 300-level or above.

Lower-level Requirements

  • Foundation: 3 credits from RELG 101, RELG 201, RELG 203, RELG 206, or RELG 209

Upper-level Requirements

  • Ancient Israel and the Hebrew Bible: 3 credits from RELG 305, RELG 306, or RELG 307; and,
  • Second Temple Period and/or Classical Rabbinic Literature: 3 credits from RELG 308, RELG 313, RELG 330, or RELG 335; and,
  • Medieval and/or Modern Judaism: 3 credits from HIST 341 or HIST 342
  • 9 credits of additional courses with Jewish Studies content (on any period) at the 300-level or higher, from the List of Approved Courses.

For the current List of Approved Courses, please see the website for the Minor in Jewish Studies.

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