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Forestry Co-op

Students in any of the baccalaureate programs offered by the Faculty of Forestry can apply to follow a Co-operative Education (Co-op). This option provides interested and qualified students with paid employment experience that is directly related to their academic program and future career. Apart from the normal academic requirements, a minimum of four work terms must be completed. Students following the co-op option generally require an additional year to complete degree requirements.

Work placements are graded Pass or Fail. Students must attend co-operative education workshops. An academic evaluation component is required at the end of each work term. Successful completion of the Co-op requirements will be acknowledged on the student's degree parchment. Students wishing to enroll in Co-op must apply in the fall term of their second year. Selection criteria for admission vary for each degree program, but are based on academic performance and employment suitability. Total enrolment is subject to the current state of the market as well as the resources available to support coaching and job development. Acceptance into the program does not guarantee students employment in each work term. Students admitted into the Forestry Co-op Program are required to accept and comply with the Program’s Terms & Conditions. A Co-op administration and workshop fee is to be paid by all students accepted into the program.

Co-op students will be registered in the appropriate Co-op courses for each work term, once a suitable position is confirmed, and will be required to pay the Co-op course fee (see Program and Course Fees). The normal regulations governing withdrawal from courses notwithstanding, students are not permitted to withdraw from the Co-op course without permission of the Co-op Program.

Each successfully completed Co-op course will be assigned three credits and will be recorded on the student's transcript. In order to graduate with the co-operative education designation, a student must have completed the required number of work terms in addition to the normal academic requirements of their degree. Co-operative education course credits cannot be used in lieu of or to complement academic course credits required by the degree.

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