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This four-year program is formulated for the student with particular capabilities in musical composition.

A student will not be allowed to enrol in this program unless ability in composition has already been demonstrated by submitting copies of original scores to the Composition Division.

Composers will have opportunities to hear their works performed by ensembles of students and faculty during their four years at the University.

To be eligible for graduation, a student majoring in Composition must compose at least 45 minutes of music and have it performed. In each year of the program, there must be at least one public premiere performance of the student's work. Performance dates and locations must be documented, including a recording if possible, and submitted to the principal composition teacher. Reading sessions by an orchestra or another large ensemble are acceptable as performances only upon approval of the Composition division.

Program requirements for the Bachelor of Music in Composition include:
Core B.Mus. Requirements in Music History, Musicianship, Music Theory, and Music Technology (34 credits)
For specific requirements, see Bachelor of Music, Degree Requirements.
Music Performance (12 credits)
MUSC 172 or 182 4
MUSC 272 or 282 4
MUSC 371 or 381 2
MUSC 471 or 481 2
Over four years, the performance requirements is 8 credits of piano plus either 4 more credits of piano or 4 more credits of other instrument(s) on which the student has prior experience. Students may study either at the concentration level (182, 282, 381, 481) or at the secondary level (172, 272, 371, 471). Students who study at the concentration level must meet jury requirements.
Ensembles (5-6 credits)
Large ensemble 3-4
Small ensemble 2
Composition Study (24 credits)
MUSC 107 6
MUSC 207 6
MUSC 307 6
MUSC 407 6
It is possible to commence a Major in Composition after one year in another major. In such a case the Composition division will decide whether the student must take all of MUSC 107, 207, 307, and 407.
Program-Specific Requirements (29 credits)
MUSC 108 3
MUSC 309 2
MUSC 310 2
MUSC 311 2
MUSC 312 or 313 2
Music electives1 12
Music theory2 6
1 Additional credits of ensemble are not permitted to fulfill the music elective requirement.
2 Students will choose 6 credits from MUSC 410-415, or other courses approved by the theory division. Students who take MUSC 409 (6) may count 3 credits toward the music theory requirement, and 3 credits toward the music electives requirement.
Other Course Requirements
Writing Requirement (WRDS 150 or ENGL 100) 3
Literature Requirement 3
Non-Music Electives 18

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