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General Studies: Elementary Education Stream

This curriculum is a preparation for studies in education leading to certification as a teacher in BC elementary schools. It is intended to develop relevant skills in music performance along with a broad knowledge of musical styles. Students who successfully complete this program will have the prerequisites for admission to the Elementary Teaching Program in the Faculty of Education.

Program requirements for the Bachelor of Music in General Studies: Elementary Education Stream include:
Core B.Mus. Requirements in Music History, Musicianship, Music Theory, and Music Technology (34 credits)
For specific requirements, see Bachelor of Music, Degree Requirements.
Music Performance (16 credits)
MUSC 182 4
MUSC 282 4
MUSC 382 4
MUSC 482 4
The concentration instrument is usually the one on which the student is most competent, and on which the student auditioned to enter the School.
Secondary Performance (4 credits)
MUSC 141 or 171A 2
MUSC 241 or 271 2
Secondary-level lessons in piano, if needed; see Minimum Requirements in Piano.
Large Ensembles (12-16 credits)
Large ensemble 3-4
Large ensemble 3-4
Large ensemble 3-4
Large ensemble 3-4
Students take four 3- or 4-credit large ensembles, one in each year they take private lessons. The large ensembles chosen are normally those most appropriate to the student's concentration instrument, although substitutions may be allowed by the ensemble directors.
For orchestral instrument concentrators, one of the four required large ensembles must be a choir (MUSC 153 or 154), and the remaining three will be large instrumental ensemble (MUSC 150).
Music Electives
Music electives 6
Of the 6 required music elective credits, at least 3 must be in history, theory, ethnomusicology, orchestration, or composition. At most 2 credits of small ensemble may be elected.
Additional Music Requirements (12 credits)
MUSC 131 2
MUSC 311 2
MUSC 312 2
MUSC 313 2
Two of MUSC 102, 112, 122 4
Students are required to take MUSC 131 if they have had no previous vocal instruction. Voice concentrators and secondaries will take 2 additional credits of music elective instead of MUSC 131.
Other Course Requirements
Writing Requirement (WRDS 150 or ENGL 100) 3
Literature Requirement 3
Non-Music Electives 27
The non-music electives should be chosen to satisfy the admissions requirements of the Elementary Teaching Program of the Faculty of Education.
Music Education Electives
Music Education electives 6
Students should consult with Music Education faculty to determine which courses are most suitable as electives.

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