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This course of instruction is limited to those students wishing to pursue a career in either performance or production of opera. A successful audition and interview with the director of Opera prior to enrolment in coursework is required of all prospective Opera majors.

  • First Year. Vocal development, musicianship, and tone production are emphasized. Stress is laid on vocal materials best suited to the student's individual requirements and development. Exploration of operatic styles is begun.
  • Second Year. Technical and interpretive vocal studies are continued. Further exploration of styles in both song and operatic literature is stressed.
  • Third Year. Considerable vocal development is expected. Production and performance of operatic scenes or complete operas become a part of the student's curriculum. Emphasis on good singing techniques is continued. An increasing number of operatic arias is required as part of the student's vocal repertoire. Styles continue to be stressed. Practical work in movement and acting for the lyric stage is introduced.
  • Fourth Year. Continued emphasis on vocal techniques especially on the vocal-dramatic techniques of operatic vocal literature. Operatic acting skills are further developed. Considerable understanding of representative operatic styles is expected. Performance and production of scenes or complete operas continue.

Program requirements for the Bachelor of Music in Opera include:
Core B.Mus. Requirements in Music History, Musicianship, Music Theory, and Music Technology (34 credits)
For specific requirements, see Bachelor of Music, Degree Requirements.
Music Performance (20 credits)
MUSC 192 4
MUSC 292 4
MUSC 393 6
MUSC 493 6
Secondary Performance (4 credits)
MUSC 141 or 171A 2
MUSC 241 or 271A 2
Secondary-level lessons in piano, if needed; see Minimum Requirements in Piano.
Ensembles (6-8 credits)
Large ensemble 3-4
Large ensemble 3-4
Additional Requirements (50 credits)
MUSC 135 2
MUSC 170 2
MUSC 235 2
MUSC 336 4
MUSC 339 6
MUSC 436 4
MUSC 439 6
MUSC 454 3
MUSC 455 3
Language 6
Language 6
Language 6
Language requirement: 6 credits each of Italian, French, and German. With approval of the voice division coordinator, students may concentrate on one or two of these languages, or may substitute other languages.
Music Elective
Music elective 3
Other Course Requirements
Writing Requirement (WRDS 150 or ENGL 100) 3
Literature Requirement 3

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