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First-Year Options

The Faculty of Science offers the following options for enrolment in first year:

  1. The standard program, in which students admitted to the Faculty design their own program according to Degree Requirements, selecting both the courses and the sections they wish to attend.
  2. The Science One Program (27 credits plus 2 credits for corequisite Biology 140 Lab) is a unique program that emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of science in a small class environment with a standard timetable. A separate application is required.

For additional information on first-year programs, visit the Faculty of Science.

Science One Program

Science One, a unique alternative to the standard first year in the Faculty of Science, is a 29-credit program of study spanning two terms. The aim of the curriculum is to provide a broad interdisciplinary science education for a student's first-year science studies within a small academic community of learners. Science One has dedicated classroom and study space, along with excellent student support.

This interdisciplinary option integrates the essential material of first-year biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics through lectures, tutorials, workshops, and laboratories. Enrolment in the Science One Option requires concurrent enrolment in the first-year biology laboratory course BIOL 140 (2 of the 29 credits). Successful completion of Science One with the necessary academic standing satisfies the entrance requirements for all second-year courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics. With appropriate choice of electives and the necessary academic standing, Science One will also satisfy the prerequisites for all second-year specializations in the Faculties of Science, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and others.

Students enrolled in Science One may register for additional credits of electives in consultation with Science One advisors.

On successful completion of the Science One Option, students receive one composite mark for the Science One course and individual marks for BIOL 140 and electives.

Prerequisites for enrolment in Science One are:

  • admission to the Faculty of Science; see Admissions;
  • marks of 80% or better in each of the following (or equivalents): Biology 11 or 12, Chemistry 12, Principles of Mathematics 12, Calculus 12, and Physics 12; and
  • at least 75% in English 12 or English Literature 12 (or equivalent). Students who have not achieved this minimum English requirement may still apply for the program. They may be asked, however, to provide writing samples that will be evaluated by Science One professors.

Students who are lacking a prerequisite are advised to contact the Science One Office to discuss their alternatives.

Admission to Science One requires a formal application. Enrolment is limited. Information and the online application are available from Science One.

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