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Diploma in Meteorology

The Diploma in Meteorology offers a two-year part-time program in theoretical and applied meteorology. It is designed for students already having a bachelor's degree in another field who wish to qualify as a meteorologist. This qualification is required for many meteorology jobs, and is useful for environmental applications or for further studies in atmospheric science. With permission of the Associate Chair, academically strong students intending to continue directly to graduate studies may be able to complete the program in a single intensive year.

Admission is based on an acceptable academic record (usually a bachelor's degree in physics, applied mathematics, engineering, or similar disciplines). Typically this should include about 27 credits of mathematics (up to introduction to partial differential equations) and computer science (including some numerical analysis), and 21 credits of physics.

The diploma program requires a minimum of 30 credits of coursework in atmospheric science at the third-year or higher level. Each student will plan an individual program in consultation with the Associate Chair of the Atmospheric Science program. For those with sufficient mathematics and physics but no meteorology a typical program would include: ATSC 201, 212, and ATSC 301, 303, 404, 405; GEOS (or GEOB) 300, 304 plus 12 credits from ATSC 406, 409, 414, CHEM 302, EOSC 340, 352, 372, GEOS (or GEOB) 400, 401, 402, PHYS 314. An exemption of up to 12 credits for courses already taken will be allowed. Students granted exemptions will be required to add electives of appropriate undergraduate or graduate courses. Additional courses may be added or substituted by the Associate Chair to make up the mathematics or physics background of the student. The total load for the specialization is not to exceed 42 credits.

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