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Supplemental Examination Policy

Supplemental examination regulations vary among faculties and are described in the appropriate section in the faculty and school entries. The supplementary examination regulations of the faculty or school in which a student is registered govern.

Supplemental examinations are not available in all faculties or in all courses. In courses in which proficiency is judged on a continuing basis throughout a term, or in which final examinations are not given, no supplemental examinations are provided.

Where a supplemental examination is provided, a student may write it in an attempt to obtain higher standing in the course concerned. The result of the supplemental examination will be shown on the student's record as an additional entry. In some situations a higher mark may enhance a student's chance of meeting some specific program requirement.

In the Summer Session, a student who satisfactorily completes a 6-credit course will be granted a supplemental examination in a second subject if the final mark is not less than 40% in the second subject.

In all but the final year, a candidate who has been granted a supplemental may write it once only. lf the candidate fails, the course must be repeated or a permissible substitute taken. Normally, in the final year, a second supplemental examination may be written.

If a supplemental examination is not written by the end of the next regular supplemental examination period for that session, the supplemental standing will be removed.

It is the student's responsibility to seek an extension by contacting his/her faculty. If a student, because of exceptional circumstances, is permitted by their faculty to postpone a supplemental examination beyond the first regular supplemental examination period, the student will be responsible for the content of the course as currently offered. If the course is discontinued, the supplemental privilege may be cancelled.

Graduate Students: Supplemental examinations are not granted to students registered in a graduate program. However, a course in which a grade of less than 65% was obtained may be repeated for a higher standing if recommended by the department and approved by the Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. In a course that is repeated, both marks will appear on the transcript. The higher mark will be used to determine promotion in a program and in any decision to admit a student or withdraw a student from a program. Averages calculated for other purposes will include both marks.

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