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Credit/D/Fail Grading for Elective Undergraduate Courses

Students in some direct-entry undergraduate programs (i.e., those programs from which a student may be admitted directly from secondary school) may elect to attempt percentage-graded elective courses with Credit/D/Fail (Cr/D/F) standing instead of a percentage grade. This standing will be recorded on a student's Official Transcript of Academic Record in lieu of their percentage grade in the course.

Students registered in graduate programs are not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading in any course.

Programs and courses not participating in Credit/D/Fail are noted as such in their academic regulations or course descriptions.

No more than twelve (12) credits with Credit or D standing may be applied towards any such degree program and no more than six (6) credits may be attempted as Cr/D/F in any one session.

Credit/D/Fail standings shall not count towards a student's weighted-credit average for academic performance evaluations under Academic Performance Evaluations in a student's program of study, but courses taken as Credit/D/Fail shall still be considered in adjudicating requirements under those evaluations based upon percentages of courses passed or failed.

The deadline to opt for Credit/D/Fail standing shall be the same as the deadline to drop a course without Withdrawal (W) standing. (as published in the Academic Year). A student cannot change from a percentage grade to a Cr/D/F standing, or vice-versa, after the deadline for opting for a Cr/D/F standing.

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the course he or she wishes to take as Cr/D/F complies with all regulations set out in the Senate Policy on Credit/D/Fail and for their program. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with their program advisor.

Should a student change their program of study (including adding a declared specialization), and a course previously taken as an elective course becomes a requirement, the new program of study may accept a Credit or D standing in place of a percentage grade. In such cases where a Credit or D standing is unacceptable to the new program of study, with the consent of the student and the dean of the faculty offering the program of study, the Credit or D standing may be converted back to the students originally-assigned percentage grade. In such cases where either the student or the Faculty does not consent, the Faculty, at its discretion, may require the student to:

  • take the course again under its normal percentage basis (credit shall still be granted only once for the course under these circumstances);
  • take another comparable course in its place; or
  • not register in that program of study.

Opting for Credit/D/Fail standing may impact that course's standing to be considered for financial assistance and awards. Courses taken for Credit/D/Fail will be counted towards the credit load but will not be included in the calculation of weighted-credit averages for UBC awards. Students are encouraged to talk to an Enrolment Services Advisor if they have concerns with the financial assistance or awards implications of taking a course with Credit/D/Fail standing.

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