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Except in special circumstances, a one-term course may be added to a student's program only within the first two weeks of the term, and a two-term course within the first three weeks of Term 1. If a course is dropped during these periods, no record of the registration in the course will appear on the student's academic record.

Students may withdraw from courses in which they are registered at any time up to the end of the sixth week of class for courses that are offered in a single term, and up to the end of the twelfth week for courses that span two terms. Withdrawals will be noted on the academic record by a standing of "W". Such standings will not be included in computing averages. The withdrawal deadline dates for each individual course can be found in the Course Schedule.

Fee refunds for withdrawals will be calculated on a pro-rata basis (see Refund of Fees).

The dates for withdrawal given above also apply to students auditing courses.

Students may withdraw from courses outside the limits described above only with the permission of the dean of the faculty in which they are registered. In such cases, the instructor should be informed. Such withdrawals will be recorded as "W" on the student's academic record.

Faculties may, at their discretion, limit the number of "W" standings permitted to a student. Any withdrawals in excess of that limit that would normally produce a standing of "W" will result in assignment of "F" for the course or courses involved. Normally, a student may not withdraw from a course more than once.

A student must be registered in all courses being taken for credit. A student who ceases to attend a course, does not write the final examination, or otherwise fails to complete course requirements, and who neither qualifies for a deferred examination (see Deferred Standing), nor has obtained official permission to drop the course, will be given a standing of "F" with a grade which reflects performance in the course. No supplemental examination can be granted under these circumstances.

The student is responsible for the completeness and accuracy of registration as it relates to the regulations of the degree or diploma program in which the student is enrolled.

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